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Strathcona 2010
A Clear Vision for our Community

1. Define Strathcona

The City Planning Department has inconsistent definitions of what constitutes both Strathcona and the Downtown Eastside, depending often on the political purpose of the definition. As a result of this muddle, development has been uncoordinated and fragmented, with no comprehensive vision for the future of Strathcona.

A. Agree on the geographical boundaries of Strathcona: from Gore Avenue east to Clark Drive, from the waterfront south to Malkin Street on the border of False Creek Flats

These boundaries are consistent with the catchment areas for the Strathcona Community Centre Association, the Strathcona Elementary School, and the Strathcona Business Improvement Association. It also conforms closely to the boundaries described in the Strathcona Community Plan (1992), the principles and boundaries of which have often been ignored by the Planning Department since that time.

B. Dedicate a senior planner to coordinate development for Strathcona

Strathcona, an extremely diverse and complex neighbourhood close to the downtown core, faces intense development pressures from the west. Strathcona needs a dedicated planner to ensure that a comprehensive plan is developed and that the City adheres to that comprehensive plan.

C. Initiate a comprehensive, long-term planning process for Strathcona

Because of the Planning Department’s lack of acknowledgement of the Strathcona Community Plan (1992), the neighbourhood has often had to respond to individual development permit applications in isolation, without reference to a comprehensive vision. In order to guide Strathcona’s evolution in response to development pressures, our neighbourhood needs an updated Strathcona Community Plan which respects our history and the aspirations of our residents—a new Community Plan which will be respected by the Planning Department.

D. Review zoning in Strathcona (boundaries as defined above)
in order to support all the other objectives in this vision document