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Strathcona 2010
A Clear Vision for our Community

4. Densify Appropriately and Sustainably

We believe that densification in our city should be tailored to the needs of individual neighbourhoods. Any further densification of Strathcona will respect and build on Strathcona’s history. Densification will follow our recommended strategies for regaining a healthy balance in the demographic characteristics of Strathcona.

In Strathcona, densifying appropriately will dilute the proportion of persons who are drug addicted or mentally ill. Appropriate densification will improve the norm for street behaviour, improve conditions for industry and retail business, reduce crime, make the streets safe for everyone, and make it easier for people to break free of cycles of addiction and poverty.

Components of an appropriate densification process include:

A. Nurture existing large housing developments

These rules—encourage diversity, prevent displacement, and maintain a healthy balance—will be followed in planning for the redevelopment of existing non-market housing complexes such as Maclean Park and Raymur/Stamps Place, and cooperative housing large and small such as Rose Garden and the Mau Dan Gardens.

B. Some height on arterial streets, but no towers

Towers are not acceptable. Mixeduse low- to mid-rise buildings with retail, commercial or industrial uses on ground floor and with housing above are acceptable on arterial streets, such as, East Hastings Street, some blocks of Cordova and Powell streets. Every heritage building will be preserved and renovated and Strathcona’s heritage streetscape will be respected.

C. Retain existing buildings where possible

Observe the principle that ‘the greenest building is one that is already built’

D. Where suitable, ensure all new construction is built
to the highest LEED standards

Encourage and facilitate the best green building practices wherever possible.