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Agenda for SRA Annual General Meeting, October 5, 2011

7:15 p.m. at the Strathcona Community Centre



A.  Welcome/Announcements/News



B.  Report from the Chair



C.  Financial Report



D.  Election/Acceptance of Officers and Committee Members:


-- Chair

-- Vice-Chair

-- Minute-Taker

-- Treasurer

-- Attendance Secretary

-- Zoning Committee Member (one position open; three year commitment required)

-- members of other committees as needed (for example: safety and security, parks, traffic, bike route safety)

-- liaison officer to film industry and other liaison officers as needed (for example: to Venables/Prior Greenway Project, to board of Strathcona Community Centre Association, etc.)


(Notes: Any member of the SRA is eligible to stand for a position as an officer or to join a committee. However, officers, committee members and liaison officers are selected by SRA members who are eligible voters; that is, they’ve attended at least three meetings in the previous 12 months. Some committees – for example, zoning – are permanent; other committees might only be formed if there is perceived to be a strong need.


Please see the relevant pages of the SRA’s website for more info on the SRA’s regular meetings, Annual General Meeting, code of conduct, and zoning committee.)



E.  Update on Neighbourhood Circles Discussion