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Agenda for SRA meeting, 4 April 2012


There are always interesting pieces of news. Here are a couple:


-- Update on the Port's South Shore Corridor Project

Port Metro Vancouver invites you to attend an upcoming Open House for the South Shore Corridor Project on Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., at the Holiday Inn Express, 2889 East Hastings Street, Vancouver. 


The Open House will include updated project information such as traffic management, results from the environmental assessment, and a project schedule. You can also get info at


-- is a new website featuring 40 murals in the DTES/Strathcona communities. The site provides background information on the process of mural-making, features four walking audio tours and a downloadable map.  For further information contact:





Concerns over unsafe bicycle and pedestrian encounters at the Hawks/Union intersection are still being reported by residents, including members of the ad-hoc committee, "Concerned Neighbours and Cyclists for Union Street Bike Path Safety Committee." Committee members have had talks with a City Engineer on ways of reconfiguring the intersection to improve pedestrian safety if funds can be budgeted for it.


Committee members and possibly that City Engineer will discuss concerns and possible solutions at the SRA meeting on Wednesday. The first priority seems to be getting funding from the City for intersection improvements. The next priority is agreeing on improvements that will satisfy both pedestrians using the intersection and the large number of commuters who cycle through it.




The Residents Association of Mount Pleasant (RAMP) has expressed concerns that the proposed “Rize Alliance” development, which is currently being discussed at City Council, is utterly out of scale and character with the neighbourhood and out of line with the recently approved Mount Pleasant Community Plan. Other neighbourhood associations, including the Grandview-Woodlands Area Council and the False Creek Residents Association have written letters in support of RAMP's stand.


Should the Strathcona Residents Association take a public position on the Rize development? Should the SRA support RAMP and agree that the development needs to be cancelled or scaled back? We will discuss the issue and someone will probably put forward a motion.




In the absence of Graham Elvidge, the SRA's "point man" on the related issues of reconfiguration of Prior Street and the dismantling of the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts, further discussion and a vote on the motion made at last month's meeting will be postponed to May 2. However the motion and two proposed amendments are reprinted below as a reminder:


March 7, 2012 SRA Motion on Georgia & Dunsmuir Viaducts:

Moved: Graham Elvidge, Seconded: Jack Fraser


Be it resolved that the SRA supports the City of Vancouver’s removing the Georgia & Dunsmuir Viaducts with the following conditions: that local area collector status and improved amenity are provided to Prior / Venables Streets; that a plan to stitch the urban fabric of Main Street back together is developed; that safe, quality connections are provided to False Creek and Strathcona Park.


Proposed amendment - preceding to include:

that traffic be routed around, not through Strathcona (Graham); that affected existing bike routes be re-established (Roz).



PANEL DISCUSSION: The Case for Ending Drug Prohibition


This month's instalment of the SRA's Guest Speaker Series will feature a stimulating panel discussion. With so many distinguished and well-qualified individuals and organizations coming out in opposition to the prohibition of marijuana and other drugs, is it still a controversial idea or is it going mainstream? Who – besides criminal gangs and Canada's ruling Conservative Party – still supports the failed War on Drugs?


Members of the panel will be:

-- Donald MacPherson, the former Drug Policy Coordinator for the City of Vancouver, and currently a Director with the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

-- Bud Osborn, DTES poet and activist, and founder of VANDU, the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users

-- Mark Haden, drug researcher and educator with the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

-- (and possibly) Susan Boyd, who teaches at the University of Victoria and has written a number of books on women and drugs


Each panel member will make a brief and informal presentation. Questions and discussion will follow.


Thanks very much to Ivan Drury and Dave Diewert for putting this panel together for us.