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Agenda for Strathcona Residents' Association meeting, November 7 2012 and other news

Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Here are some items of interest to Strathcona residents, including the agenda for the next meeting of the Strathcona Residents Association, and the proposed executive council we will be voting on. 

We have arranged to have limited on-site child care available for those who might otherwise not be able to attend. If you are attending the meeting and would like child care, please RSVP by tuesday.


Agenda for November 7 SRA meeting

Wednesday 7:15 PM, Strathcona Community Centre


Greetings and Announcements


- Update on Union Street Bike Path

The City has begun work on the Union Street bike path modification designed to improve safety at Hawks and Union - where we've had a number of pedestrians struck by cyclists. View the plans here


- Proposed Strathcona Community Celebration for early summer 2013

Our friends Bob Gilson at Raycam Media Lab and Joji Kumagi at the Strathcona BIA have suggested an annual community celebration, based on last year's "This is Strathcona" Festival. We'll discuss the willingness of SRA to help organize something like this, and possibly set up a volunteer committee.


- Invitation to attend "Our Place" Community Forum 

Scott Clark from ALIVE (Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement) will make a brief presentation to explain this new place based initiative: a coordinated strategy to grow healthy children and families in a healthy community. The Community Forum is an opportunity to share ideas on the Inner City. Sessions will focus on:
Home - Social Housing for Families and Seniors
Family - Parent to Parent Advocacy Training
Work - Opportunities for a Sustainable Economy in the Inner City
The event takes place: Wednesday, November 21 10:30 to 2:30 at W2 Media Cafe, 111 West Hastings


- 16th Annual Culture Crawl, November 16, 17, 18

The 16th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl - a FREE 3-day visual arts phenomenon. This event involves more than 10,000 people visiting artists in their studios in the area bounded by Main Street and Victoria Drive north of First Avenue in Vancouver, Canada.


- 2nd Annual Strathcona Winter Craft Fair, November 24

Come out and support your local economy by buying handmade at the 2012 Strathcona Winter Craft Fair! There will be a wide variety of items from local crafters, as well loads of delicious baking for sale. Admission is $2, Proceeds go to the Strathcona Preschool and Out of School Care Programs. If you are a vendor looking to join the fair, please contact or contact Jeanette Wong @604.713.1838


- Other announcements from the floor


Committee Reports


Motions from the floor


- Perry J. on Glen Drive safety and improvement initiatives 

- David M. on Trillium Park noise

- Other motions from the floor


Vote to reimburse Graham E. for "ReConnect Strathcona" presentation expenses ($217.84).


Vote to adopt an executive council model.


At the November AGM, Pete Fry, the new acting chair outlined a proposal to move towards a council model of governance. The pretense of an Executive, Council or Board of Directors is fairly well-established in many organizations, and should work well for the SRA. Neighbouring community associations like the DNC (DTES), GWAC (Grandview Woodland) and WERA (the West End), all operate with an executive council.  A council would ultimately be a less demanding and time consuming way to participate in SRA leadership and could enable the SRA to streamline business, allow for more nimble and timely decision making, provide greater transparency and promote more order in SRA proceedings. The proposal is for:


- An elected council of six Strathcona residents

- At least one member will be a renter, at least one member will be an owner. If we are able to engage a more diverse cross-section of residents, provision to add a seventh member to guarantee social housing representation.

- Take turns chairing SRA meetings and the direct follow-up duties from the meeting they chaired (ie letter writing, e-mails, gathering information to report back etc...)

- Implement and coordinate the decisions of the general membership

- Determine (as a group) SRA meeting agendas, issues statements and press releases, updates newsletters and website content

- Conduct council business (via email or in person) at least once a month

- Take turns chairing council meetings, whether electronic or in person

- Take turns keeping minutes of council meetings to be made available to any member of the SRA

- Prepare and deliver a summary report of council proceedings at monthly general meetings

- Provide timely reactions to issues that might occur outside of the SRA general meeting

- Make consensus based decisions* pertaining to SRA business, excepting major decisions, initiatives or changes to Association rules or constitution which would be deferred to the SRA for vote (*any one member can ask that a decision be deferred to the greater association for vote)


To be clear, this council would not be acting in secrecy or as an autocracy; it would operate with full transparency and accountability, as mandated by the general voting SRA membership. SRA business, guest speakers, committees and reports would continue to be presented at our general meetings - along with a report of council business. The main function of this council would be to streamline our operations and allow for more timely decision making. The first order of business for the new council will be to consolidate, formalize and codify our constitution and rules, for presentation to and endorsement by the SRA and documentation on our website.


If the proposal for an executive council is passed, we will be voting in the five additional positions at this meeting. Residents of Strathcona who wish to run for a position on the council should be prepared to say a few words about themselves. Voting will be conducted by (secret) ballot.


Closing Remarks and discussion of next month's agenda
Possible topics for discussion and/or guest speakers include the DTES Local Area Planning Process and efforts to save Cottonwood Gardens.



Other News

27th annual Craft Fair in Britannia High School

Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 19-21, A/B Gym. $2 Admission fee for shoppers


Outsider's View of Proposed Vancouver Viaduct Demolition

A novel solution to viaduct traffic replacement and the Eastern Core Strategy


Theatre Program for Strathcona Youth
Brought to you by Leaky Heaven PLaY aNd teLL is a Theatre project for kids ages 8-12, living in or around the Strathcona Neighborhood. Through games, stories, mask play, clowning, costumes, kids will have the opportunity to devise and create their own Theatre, using their own imagination. Every Tuesday from 4-6pm  starting Nov.6 for 6 consecutive weeks, Brette Little will be sharing her experience and skills as a performer/writer to help find and bring out what makes each artist unique, and beautiful! In hopes of creating an ongoing, sustainable Youth Theatre program, we can no long provide the classes for free, however we don't wish to turn anyone away, so please contact us if this is an issue. 


Maximum number of students 15

Nov 6-Dec. 11 (Tuesdays 4pm-6pm)

$30 (for the 6 weeks)


Brought to you by Leaky Heaven, FOU! is a Theatre project for youth 13-16 living in or around East Vancouver. Through exploration of masks,costumes,improvisation, and clowning, FOU! is an introduction to the exciting world of physical theatre, and will provide an alternative approach to all styles of performance, writing and creation. Every Thursday from 4-6pm starting Nov.8 for 6 consecutive weeks, Brette Little will be sharing her experience and skills as a performer/director/writer to help find and bring out what makes each artist interesting and unique! This program is designed with hopes of continuing on into the new year, forming an ensemble, that could eventually lead to performance opportunities. 


Max number of students 12

Nov.8-Dec.13 (Thursdays 4pm-6pm)

$40 (for the 6 weeks) If money is an issue, please let us know, we will not turn anyone away. 


Contact for information regarding registration, or other related questions.