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BLAZING TRUMPETS!!! Mariachi Night at the Russian Hall

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Orkestar Slivovica, Caravan World Rhythms, and Transformation Projects are joining together once again to host a cultural melange of music and dance, this time uniting the wedding and festive music traditions of Mexico and Serbia with "MARIACHI-TRUBACHI".

Featuring local Vancouver Mariachi band, MARIACHI LOS DORADOS, and Vancouver Trubachi band, ORKESTAR SLIVOVICA. Join the festival atmosphere at East Vancouver's Russian Hall, learn folk dances, eat traditional foods, drink tequila and sljivovica, and you will be transported to another cross-continental old country village atmosphere. Led by Alex Alegria, Mariachi Los Dorados has been passionately playing this traditional music for 9 years. They perform regularly in movies, radio, television, and in live performances throughout Western Canada. With trumpets, guitar, bass guitar, vocals, and violins, they bring you the ultimate Mexican wedding and festival music! Vancouver's Brass Band has been studying the Trubaci traditional music for over 3 years, learning the Turkish-influenced rhythms, Roma styling and song, and Balkan folkloric dances and melodies. Orkestar Slivovica brings the best of the Balkans with their lively dance tunes, sing-a-long drinking songs, and weepy Roma ballads.

And what, you may ask, does Mariachi have to do with Balkan Brass? Let us show you just how incredibly similar these two musical traditions are to one another. Its not just the engaging melodies, the musicians dressed in costume, the ability to leave the stage and wander through the audience, the spiritual essence of the music, or the blaring trumpets. Join us to find out what special magic blends Mexican and Balkan style! One night only!

Tickets will be going on sale soon. Check back for details on where to get tickets and various prices.