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City of Vancouver Georgia / Dunsmuir Viaducts Open Houses

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

City of Vancouver staff released their proposal for the removal of the Viaducts today for use at next week's open houses:

As you may of you know an SRA rep has been been attending Viaduct stakeholder meetings for some time, beating the Strathcona drum to right the 40 year wrong of the Viaducts by returning Prior/Venables to former collector status. Unfortunately this CoV plan does not show any traffic calming or amenity improvements along Prior / Venables. In fact, it appears to embed Prior / Venables as an arterial. City staff have indicated traffic calming Prior could take place when the Malkin Connector is built, but there is no commitment to build the Malkin Connector in the forseeable future. Strathcona is again being asked to wait for this important safety and amenity improvement to our community.

Strathcona residents are urged to attend the upcoming public open houses to get informed and demand that the City prevent 'rat running' through Strathcona along Prior / Venables, and demand traffic calming. Other neighbourhoods (Grandview, Shaughnessy, Mackenzie Heights, others) have enjoyed this consideration. Strathcona has waited long enough to heal its connection to its southern geography.

Viaducts Open Houses:
4:00-7:00pm Tuesday June 5th, Woodwards Atrium, 111 W. Hastings
3:30-6:30 Thursday June 7th, Creekside Community Center, 1 Athletes Way
10:00-2:00 Saturday June 9th, Vancouver Central Library, 350 W.Georgia Street