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Meeting Dec 5 with guest speaker Tom Wanklin, Senior DTES Planner on the Local Area Plan; News; Minutes

Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours.

Here are some items of interest to Strathcona residents, including the agenda for our upcoming meeting of the Strathcona Residents' Association (Wednesday December 5th), as well as minutes from November's meeting and an introduction and brief report from our new council.

A note about meeting minutes and mailing lists: in the past there were two separate mailing lists, one for minutes and one for general newsletter. Ostensibly the separate minutes list was a result of privacy concerns — however, the minutes were being redistributed to various other mailing lists, including the school parents' list so privacy and the need for separation really became a moot point. In the interest of efficiency then, we've streamlined our communications to one mailing list that is managed by our website. If you wish to unsubscribe from this list, you can do so via the website or using the link at the bottom of this page. If you wish to sign up for the mailing list, please visit our website:

  • Introducing our new Executive Council
  • Strathcona Resident's Association - Meeting Agenda for Wednesday December 5
  • Guest Speaker: Tom Wanklin, City of Vancouver's Senior Planner for the DTES on the Local Area Planning Process
  • Strathcona Resident's Association - Minutes from Wednesday November Meeting


Introducing our new Executive Council

At our November meeting, the SRA voted almost unanimously (one objection) to adopt a new council model. The pretense of the council model can be found in our November newsletter, the gist of it is a six-member council that will streamline our operations and allow for more timely decision making. The council is to operate with full transparency and accountability, as mandated by the general voting SRA membership. SRA business, guest speakers, committees and reports would continue to be presented at our general meetings - along with a report of council business.

Our new council members are:

Gordon Roe, resident for over 10 years and and anthropolgy instructor at Langara College. Gordon is president of the Mau Dan Housing Co-op and secretary for the SRA.

John Hawkes, a parent and resident for 33 years, John is a Lord Strathcona Elementary alumnus and an emergency services professional.

Danielle Sherring, a parent and resident for six years has been a child care and food security worker in the community for the past 8 years and is passionate about social justice.

Jodi Spargur, a parent and local pastor, Jodi has lived on and off in the neighbourhood for 16 years.

Elana Zysblat, has lived in the neighbourhood for ten years, she's a parent and a content developer for educational programs and cultural tourism.

Pete Fry, acting SRA Chair and resident of Strathcona and surrounding DTES neighbourhoods for the past 25 years, Pete is a self-employed graphic desinger and web developer.

This past month the new council had a frank and fruitful meeting where we discussed our perspectives and aspirations for the SRA. A brief report will be presented at Wednesday's meeting to update the membership with regards to our discussions. The council should be considered the main point of contact for SRA business and can be reached at:


Strathcona Resident's Association - Meeting Agenda for Wednesday December 5, 7:15 at Strathcona Community Centre

  • Welcome from council member Elana Zysblat
  • Approval of November SRA minutes (see below)
  • Report on council's first meeting
  • Committee Reports
  • Items for vote/discussion
  1. Motion for quick votes at chair's discretion (Chris C.):
    "That the current policy that forces a motion made at a SRA meeting to be automatically deferred to the next meeting for discussion and vote, be replaced with giving the Chair the discretion to have the motion considered at the same meeting it was made. If the Chair considers the motion to be of no major change from the spirt of the Strathcona neighbourhood, that it does not contradict SRA by-laws, constitution, vision statement or considered to be controversial, then the motion can be introduced, discussed, questioned and voted on at the same meeting. The Chair as well would retain the right to automatically defer the motion to the next meeting, if it was felt the motion contradicted any of the above, or other reasons determined by the Chair."
  2. Motion regarding Trillium Park noise and lights (David M.):
    "That the Vancouver Park Board facility known as Trillium Park abide by the same hours mandated for all other Strathcona Parks, and that hours and specifically flood lighting be curtailed at 10pm. "
  3. Motion to support Glen Drive safety and improvement initiatives (Perry J.)
  • Items, announcements from the floor:
    - Matthew B on VPL project and rezoning along the Hastings Corridor.
  • Guest Speaker, Tom Wanklin City of Vancouver's Senior Planner for the DTES discussing the LAPP (see below), followed by Q + A
  • Closing Remarks and presentation from council member Danielle Sherring regarding next month's agenda item: "Sharps and Dangerous Garbage"


Guest Speaker: Tom Wanklin, City of Vancouver's Senior Planner for the DTES on the Local Area Planning Process

Senior Planner for the DTES, Tom Wanklin will update residents on the Local Area Planning Process and progress, as well as their first year of committee meetings and SRA's available spot on that committee and opportunities for community input. Residents will have an opportunity for questions and answers as well as a moderated general discussion about the LAPP. Background on the City's DTES LAPP can be found here.


Strathcona Resident's Association - Minutes from Wednesday November Meeting

Wednesday November 7, 2012 7:15 PM, Strathcona Community Centre
Greetings and Announcements

Greetings from new Chair, Pete Fry
Pointed out the importance of following the SRA code of conduct available in print and on the SRA website
Introduced Christy Matthews a journalism student who will be reporting on the meeting for school

Proposed Strathcona Community Celebration for early summer 2013
Bob Gilson at Raycam Media Lab and Joji Kumagi at the Strathcona BIA have suggested an annual community celebration, based on last year's "This is Strathcona" Festival. The Exec Cmtee discuss the willingness of SRA to help organize something like this, and possibly set up a volunteer committee. James, Richard, Nina Mathews, John Maeba, and others volunteered to assist.

Invitation to attend "Our Place" Community Forum: Wednesday, November 21 10:30 to 2:30 at W2 Media Cafe, 111 West Hastings. Scott Clark from ALIVE (Aboriginal Life in Vancouver Enhancement) was supposed to make a brief presentation to explain this new place based initiative: a coordinated strategy to grow healthy children and families in a healthy community. The Community Forum is an opportunity to share ideas on the Inner City.

16th Annual Culture Crawl, November 16, 17, 18

2nd Annual Strathcona Winter Craft Fair, November 24

Magic Lantern slide show at Chapel Arts November 29th, cash bar and donations as a fundraiser for Studio 101
40th Anniversary Gala for Strath Comm Centre at the Pink Pearl last month raised $42,000

Acceptance of Minutes

Reviewed quickly
MOVED/PASSED to accept as presented
Question about how minutes are distributed and to whom. Matter will be addressed and reported on next meeting

Update on Union Street Bike Path
The City has begun work on the Union Street bike path modification designed to improve safety at Hawks and Union - where we've had a number of pedestrians struck by cyclists. View the plans here
Pete answered questions and stated that some matters (signage and speedbumps) still being discussed.

Committee Reports

Zoning Committee- met to review development application for 1001 Keefer St. More will be reported at the next meeting on plans which appear to be to renovate rather than demolish

Motions from the floor

Perry J. on Glen Drive safety and improvement initiatives.
Requested support for a project to organize an art project to involve students in Seymour
School, as well as changes to the area to improve safety of crossing Glen and crossing Hastings. Would like SRA support for grant requests for the art project and advocacy support with City. Discussion that speed bumps and other traffic calming requests have to be local, and the SRA could work with Raycam and Seymour to do so.
Discussion/decision to reform the old Traffic Committee to deal with this and other concerns. Karen, Pete, Allanah, Perry, Danielle (grants) volunteered to assist.
David M. on Trillium Park noise
David lives on Atlantic St. And the new soccer fields have generated a lot of noise and bright lights until 11PM, re-open at 7AM. Additional problems with people hanging around after closing. Has circulated a petition locally and has received a lot of support for an earlier closing time (10) and notes that in Jericho the closing time is 9.
Discussion. General agreement but concern about how the SRA can support this initiative. David will bring a motion to the next meeting.
Chris proposes a motion that requests alteration of current practice of put off motions introduced in one meeting until the next meeting be set aside unless those present vote to put it over to the next meeting or if, in the Chairs opinion, there is insufficient attendance to make a decision.
Discussion. Motion will be in the next agenda for presentation at the next meeting.
Alannah brought up problem of train noise and horns passing through at present. The planned new train overpasses could increase the train traffic and the noise of horns.
Decision to refer to the Traffic Committee take this on as a long-term project and work with other stakeholders/residents to address it.

Scheduled Motions

MOVED/CARRIED: to reimburse Graham E. for "ReConnect Strathcona" presentation expenses ($217.84).
MOVED/CARRIED: to adopt an executive council model, defined as follows:
An elected council of six Strathcona residents
At least one member will be a renter, at least one member will be an owner. If we are able to engage a more diverse cross-section of residents, provision to add a seventh member to guarantee social housing representation.
Take turns chairing SRA meetings and the direct follow-up duties from the meeting they chaired (i.e. letter writing, e-mails, gathering information to report back etc...)
Implement and coordinate the decisions of the general membership
Determine (as a group) SRA meeting agendas, issues statements and press releases, updates newsletters and website content
Conduct council business (via email or in person) at least once a month
Take turns chairing council meetings, whether electronic or in person
Take turns keeping minutes of council meetings to be made available to any member of the SRA
Prepare and deliver a summary report of council proceedings at monthly general meetings
Provide timely reactions to issues that might occur outside of the SRA general meeting
Make consensus based decisions* pertaining to SRA business, excepting major decisions, initiatives or changes to Association rules or constitution which would be deferred to the SRA for vote (*any one member can ask that a decision be deferred to the greater association for vote)
The most immediate function of this council would be to streamline our operations and allow for more timely decision making: to consolidate, formalize and codify our constitution and rules, for presentation to and endorsement by the SRA and documentation on our website.
MOVED/CARRIED: To elect the following individuals to position on the Executive Council: Danielle Sherring., Pete Fry, Elana Zysblat, Gordon Roe, John Hawkes, Jodi Spargur

Closing Remarks and discussion of next month's agenda. Possible topics for discussion and/or guest speakers include the DTES Local Area Planning Process and efforts to save Cottonwood Gardens.