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Friday, July 6, 2012

Recent open houses over the fate of the viaducts reveal that despite promises of traffic calming on Prior Street, the city's plan calls for quite the opposite. In their own words :

Pacific Boulevard is combined with Expo north of the Skytrain guideway and connects east to Prior/Venables thereby maintaining a direct east-west link to the downtown for commuter vehicles and large goods-movement trucks.
From the City's Viaduct Open House presentation boards, May-June 2012

It should be noted that in addition to a direct connection to the new six-lane Pacific boulevard (which will be collecting False Creek traffic AND downtown traffic via a new Georgia ramp), Prior will now be linking directly to Main Street and Quebec Street. Additionally, post-viaduct plans call for 6 million square feet of residential and commercial development, yet the traffic plan does not consider the additional traffic burden this will place on Prior Venables.

Although the City had promised traffic calming of Prior when they pitched the idea to the community, there is no commitment or timetable for any reduction of traffic on Prior, in fact Prior now features quite prominently in the post viaduct traffic flow. Read More»