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SRA News, 17 September 2011

Hi, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Here is some news for you on neighbourhood events:


-- Strathcona Harvest Festival, September 18, Maclean Park

-- join the Strathcona Community Choir, starting up again on September 20

-- Britannia High School fundraiser on September 23

-- This Is Strathcona Festival, September 25

-- the SRA’s Annual General Meeting, October 5

-- a message from the Downtown Community Court


I’ll declare my bias right away to say that I really hope that some more people in the neighbourhood join our community choir. My wife and I have been members for almost 20 years, and it’s added a lot of fun and happiness to our lives.


Human beings have been singers since long before recorded history; everyone sang. In many parts of the world, everyone still sings. It’s only here in North America that we’ve collectively forgotten the joy of singing together and instead leave it to a few outstandingly talented singers to sing for us.


So, if you have some interest in singing, master your self-consciousness and join the choir this season. You’ll enjoy it. And you don’t have to live in Strathcona to join. Anyone in Vancouver can participate.


See you around the neighbourhood, and maybe in the choir!









(Check the SRA’s website and the This Is Strathcona website for more info)


The Strathcona Harvest Festival, September 18, Maclean Park


This Is Strathcona Festival, September 25, Maclean Park







If you love to sing and would like to explore a variety of musical styles and cultures, join the Strathcona Community Choir. The songs we sing are short and simple. They range from old English ballads to traditional Hebrew and Ukrainian folk songs, to Latin canons – and more!


Audition or previous choir experience NOT REQUIRED. 


Choir meets Tuesdays from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Strathcona Community Centre. The fall session starts September 20 and continues until November 29. Fees are $80 for the 11 nights of the fall session, or $40 if you’re 60 or older. Register at the Strathcona Community Centre, 604-713-1838.


For more information, contact choir director, Beverly Dobrinsky, 604-873-1738. Beverly directs choirs at the Carnegie Community Centre and the Ukrainian Hall, as well as leading the Ukrainian folk group, Zeelia. 







(Thanks to Karen Litzke for this info)



Britannia High School Band trip to Cuba fundraising dance and silent auction

WISE Hall, Friday September 23, 7 pm

Featuring the Forward Motion Jazz Orchestra

Tickets $15 at the door, or contact Karin Litzcke, 604-253-8207 or

Donations of silent auction items gratefully accepted!


(Since Strathcona Elementary School is a “feeder school” for Britannia High, your donation will help some of your neighbours’ children.)







Every October, members of the Strathcona Residents Association meet to review the past year and prepare for the next one. Chair and Treasurer present reports. Committee Chairs and Liaison Officers may also report. 


SRA members who are eligible voters (i.e. they have attended at least three meetings in the previous 12 months) will select officers, committee members and liaison officers to carry out the business of the SRA for the coming year. Some committees are permanent; others may be formed on an “as-needed” basis. The following positions will be filled at our next AGM:


-- Chair, or co-chairs

-- Minute-taker (one or more)

-- Attendance-recorder

-- Treasurer

-- Members of zoning committee

-- Members of safety and security committee

-- Members for other committees to be set up if SRA membership as a whole sees a requirement (for example, traffic committee, parks committees, bike safety committee, guest speaker series committee, etc.)

-- Liaison persons to film industry and City film office and, as needed, to Venables/Prior Greenway Project, to board of Strathcona Community Centre, etc.


Please attend the AGM to help steer the unfolding future of our neighbourhood.







(Message to Community Partners from Jay Chalke, Chair of DCC’s Executive Board) 


As the Downtown Community Court begins its fourth year of operation, I wish to thank, on behalf of the Downtown Community Court’s Executive Board, each of the pilot project’s many community partners for their ongoing support.  The Community Court has a unique relationship with the community it serves, and its success depends on the support and involvement of area residents, business people, local government, social services providers and many others. 


Over the past year, ongoing efforts to strengthen and build new relationships in the community resulted in a number of new programs and projects being established at Downtown Community Court.  These new programs build on an existing and broad range of services provided by community partners, and demonstrate the creative, problem-solving approach at the core of this pilot project.  (Information about the new programs is attached.)


Interest remains high in the Downtown Community Court as a new way of approaching issues of crime.  Tours of the courthouse are frequent, with visitors representing an array of organizations and jurisdictions.  Visitors from as far afield as China, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Australia, East Africa toured the courthouse, as well as from the U.S., other parts of Canada and B.C.  Tours have included, for example, academics, politicians, Attorneys General, law interns, judiciary, probation officers, high school students, social workers, lawyers, special interest groups, and criminology students.


You may also be interested to know that a commemorative bronze plaque was mounted in the courthouse recently, in memory of the late Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield.  The plaque acknowledges Chief Judge Stansfield’s vision and role in leading the development of the Downtown Community Court.  You may wish to look for it during a visit to the courthouse. 


Your involvement and continued support have played a significant role in helping the community court work towards its goals.




Jay Chalke, QC

Assistant Deputy Minister

Justice Services Branch

Ministry of Attorney General

Chair, Downtown Community Court