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SRA News 2 January 2012

 Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours. 


Please attend the first meeting of the Strathcona Residents Association for 2012, which will be Wednesday, January 4, 7:15, at the Strathcona Community Centre. An important item on the agenda will be deciding whether or not to participate in the DTES Local Area Planning Process Committee led by the DTES Neighbourhood Council and the Building Community Society.


You're eligible to have your say in this decision if you live in Strathcona (defined as Gore to Clark, Malkin to the Port) and have attended at least three meetings of the SRA in the previous 12 months. If you're new to the neighbourhood, or if you haven't attended enough meetings yet to be an eligible voter, you're still welcome to come, hear the discussion, and express your opinion.


A few other news items in this edition of the newsletter:

-- vandalism and crime in the neighbourhood: report it if you're a victim

-- Project Limelight: new theatre workshops for kids

-- keep your bottles out of the recycling this week, and donate them to the Britannia School Band's bottle drive on January 7; help them go to Cuba

-- Open House at Radha Yoga on January 8

-- The TCP Show at the Firehall, January 11 to 14


I'm sure you've noticed, neighbours, that this newsletter is far from comprehensive. So much is going on in our neighbourhood that it's impossible for any one person or organization or newsletter to be aware of it all. If you have a piece of neighbourly news or a local event you would like your neighbours to know about, send a message to newsletter@strathcona-residents.org. I'll put your item in the newsletter and/or on the SRA's events page. Please send me something short, with the important details, in plain text. No attachments, no graphics, please. 




See you around the neighbourhood.








Wednesday, January 4 at 7:15pm at Strathcona Community Centre


1.      Happy New Year!

2.      News/Announcements

3.      Committee Reports

4.      Vote on writing a Letter of Support on behalf of Pathways Information Centre

5.      Vote on motion that the SRA not participate in the DTES Local Area Planning Committee







(Report from a neighbour)


Sunday night at 2:00 am I woke up to loud cracking noises and  two male voices shouting and arguing on the street in the 600-block of Union St. I went outside and saw that a neighbour had caught two guys kicking his car in front of his house. Hopefully he called the police.


The next morning I saw that the passenger side mirror of four or five cars were smashed and dangling off cars. I phoned the police. They are urging anyone who had their car damaged Sunday night to call them. 


The police non-emergency number is 604-717-3321. The file number to refer to is VA12-872.


We have to keep calling so they understand the extent of crime in Strathcona right now.


[By the way, there have been a lot of break-ins reported by neighbours in the past month, too.]







Welcome to the world of Project Limelight, a free theatre program for kids who are driven to perform. No experience necessary!


Project Limelight is about inspiring children to look inside themselves and discover their inner strengths, explore their hidden talents, develop confidence and form lasting friendships.  Above all, Project Limelight is about having fun!


Motivated to give back, sisters Maureen Webb and Donalda Weaver founded Project Limelight to support the East Vancouver community where they were raised.


“Our hope is that every child in our program walks away with a widened circle of friends, an increased sense of self, and a heightened curiosity. Nothing would please us more than having participants come back to the program as mentors. To us, that is success.”
- Donalda and Maureen


Project Limelight is open to young people aged 8 to 15 in the Strathcona district. Each session is four months long and runs 3 days a week.


Project Limelight works with creative professionals who want to pass their skills and their passion on to the next generation by creating a fun-filled environment that inspires kids to express themselves.


The focus at Project Limelight is on enthusiasm and passion, and the vision is to create a community of support for young people as they make their way through their most formative years.


For more info, email info@projectlimelightsociety.org or phone: 604-899-2777


Project Limelight Society is a registered charitable organization that relies on donations. Cheques can be mailed to: Project Limelight Society, 225 E. Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6A 1Z6, or visit the website (http://www.projectlimelightsociety.org/) and click on the "donate" button.







Britannia Secondary School Band is planning  a  Bottle Drive for Saturday, January 7, 2012 between 9am and 4pm.


Let us take care of your holiday bottles and support the Senior Band’s trip to Cuba.  Pick up available throughout Strathcona / Grandview Woodlands areas.


Drop off available at the Tennis Courts at the base of Britannia Parking Lot or call 604 209-4625 or email britbottledrive@gmail.com for pick up.









Keep Sunday, January 8 open so you can come to Radha to celebrate the New Year and the beginning of our winter Yoga and cooking classes.


We are offering FREE classes all day: Hatha Yoga, Divine Light Invocation, Hidden Language Hatha Yoga & Kundalini!


At lunch time come for the cooking demo and enjoy a bowl of dahl; enjoy some herbal tea and visit with friends.  


Stay for our first Satsang of the New Year from 7:30 - 8:30 pm.


PRIZE DRAW! Open to everyone who comes to our Open House on January 8th!  Take part in our “give-away” of two great prizes!  Find wellness in this New Year!  You can WIN a one month pass at RADHA worth $60, or a free cooking class worth $55 with Andrea Potter from Rooted Nutrition.


Radha is located at 728 Main Street. Phone 604.605.0011. Web http://www.radhavancouver.org/







The TCP Show



Adhere choreographed by

The Contingency Plan


As Três Marias choreographed by

Tara Cheyenne Performance


Dates: January 11 – 14, 2012, 8pm

Venue: Firehall Arts Centre

Tickets & Information: 604.689.0926 or www.firehallartscentre.ca



"What is it to be alone?"

This question is what shapes Adhere, the first piece in a double bill featuring new choreographies from The Contingency Plan and Tara Cheyenne Performance, running January 11 through 14, 2012 at the Firehall Arts Centre.


Adhere layers movement, text and an atmospheric soundtrack to explore the countless ways we experience being alone and the struggle we face between belonging within ourselves and outside in the world.


The second half of the evening is brought to you by the imaginative genius of Tara Cheyenne Performance. Inspired by religious iconography centering on “Las Três Marias” (The Three Marias), with a dash of Steve Martin stand up circa the 1970s - choreographer extraordinaire Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg fashions this comedic new piece for the three ladies of The Contingency Plan.


The TCP Show runs January 11 through 14, 2012, at the Firehall Arts Centre. Tickets are $12-$30 and are available through the Firehall Box Office by phone at 604.689.0926 or online at www.firehallartscentre.ca