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SRA News 20 April 2012

Hi, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Some important information and requests for help:


-- Perogy Lunch and Craft Fair at the Ukrainian Hall this Sunday

-- Neighbourhood Small Grants now available

-- new organizers needed for Hawks Avenue Yard Sale

-- help needed to combat newspaper thievery

-- be vigilant: break-ins in the neighbourhood







(Thanks to Terry Hunter for this info)


Sunday, April 22, 2012 11:30 to 3:30pm


Ukrainian Cultural Centre 805 East Pender St, Vancouver


Artisans with: Jewellery Handbags Folk Art Cards Baking Teas Soaps Earring Stands Quilts and more!!







(Thanks to Roberta Robertson for this notice)


It's that time of year!  Once again the Vancouver Foundation has provided the DTES/Strathcona/Raycam with funds for grants up to a maximum of $500 to our residents to make a difference in their neighbourhood.  What is your vision?


There are two ways to apply:  visit our website at www.neighbourhoodsmallgrants.ca and apply online, OR pick up a a hardcopy of the application at Carnegie, RayCam or Strathcona Community Centres.  


Deadline for applications is Friday May 18, 2012.  All events must be finished by January 31, 2013!







(Thanks to Kate Brunton for this notice)


The folks in the 700-block of Hawks Avenue have run out of steam...and out of stuff to sell. There will be no sale as usual in the first couple weeks of June unless you (or one of your neighbours) would like to take over organizing it.


The sale has become a neighbourhood institution and could easily have a new incarnation as, for example, the McLean Park Neighbourhood Sale or the Strathcona Neighbourhood Sale.


Contact Kate for more info or if you know you would like to take this on.    kfbrunton@gmail.com







(Thanks to Karin Litzke for this notice)


As many Strathcona residents know, several of us who subscribe to the Vancouver Sun are having the newspaper stolen off our porches intermittently. The thief comes on a bike between 5:00 and 6:40 a.m., and may be stealing several papers per day. He is a middle-aged white guy usually wearing a bright-coloured jacket, glasses, and usually a black LOOK helmet, and he rides a white bicycle and carries a blue shopping bag.


For us this has been an issue since about August last year, and we have lost at least 30 or 40 papers, and a lot of sleep watching out for the guy or bringing the paper in early. We did chase him away one morning, but he has come back since then. I have compared notes with a couple of other victims and am interested in hearing from anyone else who is being targeted (to learn where his other stops are). I would be interested in knowing how long this has been happening for you, how often, and if possible what dates and even what time the thief has targeted you. I have spoken with both police and management at the Sun, and would like to provide them with more information.


For example, I know of two thefts on April 7 and wonder if there were others and if so, where they were.


If you are a victim or know anything about the thief's route, perhaps you could contact me, either directly at litz@telus.net, or via the SRA website. Thanks.







(Thanks to Lisa Binkley for this notice)


In light of recent break-ins in the neighbourhood, please don't be complacent when it comes to car alarms and house alarms sounding off in the area. Yes, car alarms are annoying and we get desensitized to them, but we should still check outside and make sure everything is okay. Respond every time you hear an alarm or you hear someone screaming. The one time that we don't may be the time when we could have prevented something bad from happening.


If you see anything suspicious, please call 911 immediately.