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SRA News 7 July 2011


 Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Here are a few items of news:


-- celebrate Cottonwood Garden’s 20th anniversary this Sunday

-- take a tour of Union Gospel Mission July 14, 10 a.m.

-- local artist opens exhibit

-- update on helicopter noise

-- an open door leads to a crime of opportunity

-- where to find heritage-style woodwork


Details below. See you around the neighbourhood.










(Thanks to Lisa for this info)


New Friends are Welcome!

Sunday, July 10, 11:00 am. to 2:00 p.m.

Cottonwood Community Garden

(along the south side of Strathcona Park, Malkin Ave.)


This is a social event to mark Cottonwood Garden's 20th Anniversary,and also celebrate the arrival of our bees! Join us for food, friendship and fun!


There will bee:

- a Kids Zone with: Planting Fun, Face Painting, Games, General Digging & Getting Dirty

- Music: Geoff Colpitts and Maren; Earl Peach & Barbara Jackson

- Corsage Making

- Workshops

- Native Garden Display Table

- Cottonwood Garden Tours

- Raffle, featuring beautiful shrubs, plants donated by local nurseries


AND of course there'll bee food to munch on. Come and visit the garden, see friends and family and look at what they're growing. It will bee fabulous!







(Thanks to UGM’s Derek Weiss for organizing this)


If you’re interested in touring the Union Gospel Mission’s new facility at the corner of Hastings and Princess, come to the main reception desk, 601 E. Hastings, on Thursday, July 14, at 10 a.m. Rick Archambault and James Johnstone are also taking the tour that day.







Christian Dahlberg

“Neon Drive”


Studiolo Gallery

633 E 15th Ave  (Kingsway and Fraser)

July 6 to August 14

Hrs: Wed to Sat 1-7pm

Tel: 604-339-6967

Email: loganpeggy4@gmail.com


Opening Reception: Friday July 8, 7-10pm


Inspired by a 1950 black and white photograph by Artray (http://www.vpl.ca/artray/collecion.html) in the archives of the Vancouver Public Library, Christian Dahlberg (http://www.christiandahlberg.com) has produced a beautiful series of  multiple exposure prints on canvas of Vancouver Neon Signs.







(Thanks to Judy Kenzie for forwarding the reply she got to her email to Transport Canada)


Thank you for your email. In the case of aviation in Canada, Transport Canada’s focus is on overseeing a safe and secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation system.  Our emphasis is on safety.  The Aeronautics Act and Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) provide a comprehensive framework through which safety is regulated.


If you have the registration information (they are the letters on the side of the helicopter), we can follow-up with the helicopter’s owner to make sure they are flying in a safe and responsible manner. Without helicopter registrations, it is impossible to positively identify which helicopters are causing the annoyance but it is likely that many of them are approaching to land at the Vancouver Harbour Heliport.  They are using a route that has them flying over VanTerm Terminal.  This route has been in place for many years.


With respect to observations that something changed in the last two weeks, we have found that this may have been the result of an operator temporarily changing the types of helicopters being used.  We have followed-up with the operator and this temporary change has since been discontinued and hopefully the situation will be improving. Another potential cause for this disturbance was that on Monday, July 4, some filming by helicopter was being done over the City of Vancouver.  It involved some hovering and resulted in a number of complaints.  That filming operation is being reviewed by Transport Canada. Hopefully those were the causes of the disturbance and that they will be completed.


Please feel free to contact us at Transport Canada if you have any further questions or concerns. (pacific-pacifique@tc.gc.ca.)








(Thanks to Lisa Binkley of our local block watch for this report from the 600 block of Heatley Avenue)


"Shouldn't have left our door open!  Went out back to the garage. Came back into the house to find a tall guy in the doorway.  He was 6’2”, 225 pounds. Matching shirts and shorts in mostly black and red. Wide brim black hat. Olive skin. Did not see face. He left. And my wallet was gone, too.”


People are watching for any opportunity. Don't give them one. Keep accessible doors and windows closed and locked. Phone 911 if you’re a victim or if you see anything suspicious. And get a good description, like the one above.






(Thanks to Karin Litzcke for this info)


"I just discovered a millwork shop in New Westminster where they still make most of the woodwork profiles and pieces that are original to houses like those in Strathcona.  Perhaps I am not quite the last person in Strathcona to find out about them, so I thought I would share this info in case anyone else has woodwork to replace, match, or add.  The shop is called Tanex Industries Moulding and Millwork.  They don't have a website, but they do put out a marvellous catalogue of which I have a couple of extra copies - anyone who wants one can email me at litz@telus.net or talk to me at an SRA meeting."