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SRA Newsletter, 17 January 2011

SRA Newsletter
17 January 2011



Vancouver’s City Council will consider a City staff report recommending that parts of Chinatown, Hastings Street west of Main, and other parts of the Downtown Eastside be rezoned to allow higher buildings to be built. At its meeting this Thursday, January 20, at 2:00 p.m., Council will hear public input and decide whether to adopt the report.

Information on the review of building heights in the “Historic Area” and on the decision-making process are available on the following City web-pages: and

Strathcona residents may not be concerned with increased building heights in Chinatown or west of Main Street. However, they should consider that any decisions made about building heights in those areas may set precedents for increases to building heights along Hastings Street in Strathcona, or to building heights north of Hastings.

Residents concerned about an increase in building heights or resulting increases in population density may want to express their concerns at Thursday’s Council meeting. If so, please contact Tina Hildebrandt in the City Clerk's office at 604.873.7268 or by email at to put your name on the speakers list.



February 17 may be the date when City Council listens to the opinions of residents and others regarding the province’s plan to build a giant new casino next to BC Place. The City’s website shows a public hearing scheduled for 7:30 that day, but it doesn’t say what it’s about. However, members of a coalition opposed to the expansion of gambling in BC are asking people concerned about the proposed casino to set that evening aside to speak at the hearing. Confirmation of the hearing should come soon.

People who want to send messages to Mayor and City Councillors should send them to the following email addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,,

At its January meeting, the SRA voted unanimously to oppose the development, but Strathcona residents are still urged to send their own messages to the Mayor and City Councillors.

At its 2:00 p.m. meeting on January 18, City Council will be considering the rezoning of the site at 777 Pacific Boulevard to make it possible to build the casino there.

City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth is presenting a motion at the same meeting calling for the City to request a review of public gaming in the province of British Columbia, and reaffirm the rights and interests of charities and non-profits to gaming proceeds.

One of the many concerns people have about an expansion of gambling is that, while the provincial government originally justified expansion because it would increase the revenue available to charities and non-profit organizations, the government has since cut back on the amount of gaming revenue available to these organizations.

People who oppose the rezoning and support Councillor Woodsworth’s motion are encouraged to attend the Tuesday meeting.



The Parks Board will hold an Open House on January 21, from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., at the Roundhouse Community Centre, to inform people about upcoming repairs to the Downtown Skate Plaza under the Georgia Viaduct. For more info, contact Rosaline Choy at 604-257-8461, or



A break-in and an attempted break-in occurred recently in the 700-block of Hawks Avenue. Thankfully, the thief was apprehended and the stolen property recovered. Here’s part of what happened during the break-in:

"...The guy was actually in my downstairs office when I came back from the coffee shop after about a fifteen minutes absence. He must have seen me leave. He climbed up to my second story balcony from the back ground floor porch and jimmied the sliding door....The police got here real quick and I’m impressed at their thoroughness in tracking and catching him. I suggest people keep good locks on their back yard doors. This guy was obviously  scouting out my place before the break-in....”

The break-in victim and the police had help from another neighbour. Way to go! We have to be thankful that we live in a neighbourhood where we watch out for each other.  
If you see something suspicious, it probably is. Call 911 for a crime in progress.