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SRA Newsletter 9 April 2011

Hi, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Three info items for you:

-- Tamboo bamboo rhythm workshops

-- Neighbourhood Small Grants

-- Strathcona Food Project









By Aubrey (Abbla) Sixto


This 10-week program at the Strathcona Community Centre starts with a special introductory session on Wednesday, April 13, 7:00-8:30 p.m.


Tamboo bamboo music was started in the 1800’s by people of African origin living in Trinidad. Hand-drumming had been banned by the colonial ruling class, who feared it would be used to communicate revolt among the enslaved population. The people responded by playing their rhythms on varying lengths of bamboo poles, creating a unique new musical genre.


For more info, check out the Strathcona Community Centre program brochure, visit strathconacc.com, phone 604-713-1838, or email Abbla at abanjimp@yahoo.ca.







(Thanks to Roberta Robertson for this reminder)


2011 Neighbourhood Small Grants are back!  Make the dream of your neighbourhood a reality.  Visit www.neighbourhoodsmallgrants.ca to apply.  Deadline April 15, 2011


The Carnegie/Ray Cam/Strathcona Neighbourhood Small Grants Program has been receiving funding from the Vancouver Foundation since 2004. The Neighbourhood Small Grants range from $50 up to $500 and are evaluated and administered at the community level. Grants are awarded to resident-led initiatives that will enhance the local neighbourhood.


Hundreds of projects have been funded in our neighbourhood since 2004. Here are a few of the wonderful projects that have benefited from a Neighbourhood Small Grant:


  • Local gatherings and block parties which encourage neighbours to mingle and get to know one another.
    A soccer ball give-away to less fortunate neighbourhood children.
  • An annual Harvest Festival Day in Maclean Park with face painting, scarecrow making, a pie contest, live music and much more.
  • An annual Halloween Dance at the Strathcona Community Centre for an evening of family fun.
  • Cooking classes for Chinese Seniors.
  • A karaoke night at a local restaurant.


Application forms for the Neighbourhood Small Grants can be found at the Carnegie, Strathcona, and Ray Cam Community Centres as well as neighbourhood houses and other locations in our community.





(Thanks to Richard Kay for this info)


Since our first two meetings, there has been some incredible work done to achieve our goals.  Now it's time to look at the fruits of our efforts and figure out how we can go from this plateau to the top of the mountain - a sustainable set of food programs for the children and families of his community!


We have launched the site www.food-program.xlsuite.com . Please review and send in your comments directly on the site.


You are all invited to the next planning meeting. Please bring as many guests as you wish.  Your input is not only important, it is very necessary to keep this project moving.


We will be going over next steps, so bring your ideas.  Some ideas are:


Getting the site out into the community

Fund Raising

Tech support

Grant writing

Corporate sponsors’

Corporate partners


See you all next Wednesday 13th April , Strathcona Community Centre 7:30pm.