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SRA newsletter, 9 September 2010

 Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours. Some news for you about:

-- Dowtown Community Court 2nd anniversary

-- Local business improvement association’s “sustainability expo”

-- SRA’s upcoming annual general meeting

-- neighbours help support our community centre

-- new thrift store on Hastings

-- Building Opportunities for Business newsletter


Now the details....






Time: 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM Location: 211 Gore Avenue

Enjoy a Jazz Trio, BBQ treats, Conversation & Fun!

Please RSVP to Michael Cowan at 604-660-8825 or Michael.Cowan@gov.bc.ca





Tuesday, September 28, 2010 | 3 pm to 7 pm

Vancouver Japanese Language Hall

475 Alexander Street


The Strathcona BIA is proud to present its third sustainability expo. This annual event is targeted at local business and property owners, employees, community members, and residents. It showcases the sustainability efforts of Strathcona businesses, provides networking opportunities, and inspires the community to move toward the BIA’s vision of Strathcona as Vancouver’s Green Zone.


Sustainability 3.0 features an informative and riveting presentation from special guest, Bob Willard. Bob is an expert on leadership, culture change, and organizational development and author of three books - The Sustainability Advantage, The Next Sustainability Wave, and The Sustainability Champion’s Guidebook. He will be sharing strategies for engaging the business community in proactively avoiding risks and capturing opportunities associated with environmental and social issues.


There will also be an exhibition area, a sustainable product marketplace, and a series of mini-presentations followed by a Q&A with the presenters. These presenters include Kira Gerwing, a Planner from the City of Vancouver, and Brian Dodd, Executive Director of United We Can. Attendees will find resources on programs for waste/recycling management, the Strathcona Resource Exchange, energy conservation and much more!


For more information, please visit: www.strathconagreenzone.com/expo






of the Strathcona Residents Association

Wednesday, 6 October 2010, 7:15 p.m.

at the Strathcona Community Centre


Summer's over. We had a great and very productive meeting September 1st. Now that everyone is warmed up, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, October 6th at 7:15 pm. James has agreed to stand for another term as Chair, and Pat has agreed to continue as Treasurer, but we are losing our Secretary, Jen, so anyone interested in filling that position, please come to the meeting or e-mail the Chair via the website.


The Zoning Committee is at its seven person maximum and everyone is back for another year. The website committee is in maintenance mode. The exciting news is that a number of members have struck up a committee to look into safety issues along the Union Street Bicycle Path. Minutes and an agenda will be mailed soon. Speaker TBA. See you October 6th!







(From Roberta Robertson)


A number of folks who attend SRA meetings donated items to the Strathcona Community Centre Association both at the annual Hawks Avenue Yard sale. We raised almost $2400.00 for the community centre and received a fair number of items that we have set aside for the Silent Auction at the Pub Night in November.







(From Roberta Robertson)


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Emporium




This is a new thrift store operated by the Network of Inner-City Community Services Society (NICCSS). Proceeds from sales will support families and children in the inner city.


FOR SALE: Olympic Village Linens (Sheets/Pillows/Duvets, etc) Office and Household Furniture Olympic T-shirts and Memorabilia Office and School Supplies Jackets & Hoodies Housewares & Tools Hard Hats and Safety Gear Cameras and Cell Phones Many, many umbrellas (500+) and MORE!!!!


Most items have been donated to NICCSS from the Olympic Lost and Found, Olympic Village, and VANOC Offices.






(From Shirley Chan, CEO of BOB)


 With the completion of the Vancouver Agreement, the Board and staff of BOB began exploring our future options as an organization that has firmly established itself in Vancouver’s inner-city. An important process in this exploration was the community consultation we held on May 12th.  We thank the participants for their feedback and input which have helped us to better gauge our niche in the inner-city and plan for the future. The report of the community consultation and the Board response is posted on the BOB website. The Board agreed that we will not compete with community agencies and will enlarge the community representation on the Board by adding 3 community leaders. We will also be adding 2 business leaders.

I am very proud of the Supported Employment Program for maintaining an employment retention rate of over 80% for residents.  Our Business Loans Program borrowers are repaying their loans according to their agreed terms and conditions.  Both our employment and business partners are congratulated for achieving these success rates!

Read the full BOB newsletter at http://uploads.burstcreativegroup.com/bobnewsletter/#a1.