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Strathcona residents, please try to attend the last Public Open House on the City's Viaducts Plan, this Saturday, June 9, 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library.

The current City of Vancouver proposal to remove the Georgia and Dunsmuir viaducts will route traffic through Strathcona, not around it, Graham Elvidge reported at the June 6 meeting of the Strathcona Residents Association.


A direct arterial connection is being proposed that is likely to INCREASE traffic on Prior Street. The City has advised that any consideration of traffic-calming and amenity improvements along Prior Street would not take place until the Eastern Core Study is undertaken following the Viaducts Study. That likely won't happen before 2015. 


Alternatives to traffic routing were discussed at the SRA meeting. Graham proposed that the western connection to Malkin Avenue be included as part of the Viaducts Plan as a means to redirect traffic and goods movement off of Prior Street. At the eastern end traffic would be routed on to Raymur and continue to cross the tracks at Venables until the Malkin overpass is built.


This relatively simple fix would facilitate goods and traffic movement, quiet the residential portion of Prior Street, improve safety, and reconnect us to our Strathcona Park. Graham will prepare this proposal for distribution to City Staff.


This proposal also provides an opportunity to move the Adanac Bike Route either to Prior or Malkin. On May 16 City Council approved a plan for restructuring the intersection at Union and Hawks. Construction is slated to begin in October, but it is apparent that funneling cyclists at speed through this narrow, heavily used, residential corridor will continue to cause conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, and that an alternative route should be considered.


Strathcona residents are encouraged to attend the open house Saturday to express their views regarding the City’s plans to continue to route traffic through Strathcona along Prior Street, and to communicate possible alternatives to the present Adanac Bike Route.  


The open house material can be viewed on line at: http://vancouver.ca/commsvcs/currentplanning/fcflats/.  Opinions can be emailed viaducts@vancouver.ca and to mayor and council, mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca.