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BlackStrathcona Project

Monday, February 24, 2014
BlackStrathcona Project

(Canada, 2014, 60 mins)
Gordon McLennan
FEATURING Reese Alexander, Kevan Cameron, Bertha Clark, Marquisse du Monde, Carrie Gibson, Dana Matthews, Teeanna Munro, Adrian Neblett, Vanessa Richards, Storma Sire

From the early 1900s to the 1960s, the East Side neighbourhood of Strathcona was home to Vancouver’s first and only black community.

The ten video stories of the BlackStrathcona media project celebrate some of the remarkable people and places that made the community vibrant and unique.

Stories like Jimi and Nora, featuring musician Jimi Hendrix who as a boy lived in Strathcona with his grandmother in the late 1940s, and Vie’s Chicken and Steaks, featuring Vie Moore who ran a soul food haven on Union Street frequented by both locals and big name celebrities like Billie Holiday and Sammie Davis Jr.

The stories of BlackStrathcona can be accessed via the website (web address here), or they can be experienced interactively by visiting the Strathcona neighbourhood. By using the website to display a map and by following markers, the video stories can be downloaded to a mobile device and viewed where the stories took place and where they were recorded.

Presented by Creative Cultural Collaborations Society in partnership with Vancouver Moving Theatre, the Arts Club, and City of Vancouver. This screening is sponsored by the Arts Club Theatre Company's production of Helen Lawrence where Hogan's Alley plays a central character.