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Free Bike Maintenance Basics Workshop

Saturday, February 22, 2014
green bike go

Making 86% of trips by walking, cycling and transit has been identified as number one among the 'Top 5' biggest potential Ecological Footprint-reducing contributions being used by the Greenest City Lighter Footprint "Feet to the Fire" Committee as a baseline.
This free workshop offered by Village Vancouver and sponsored by Bikes for All ( is designed to take a non-mechanical look at basic bicycle maintenance and help anyone become more confident at many essential tasks around keeping your bicycle safe and operational in many driving and weather conditions.
We will demonstrate:
· Bicycle types – Mountain vs Speed cycling – advantages and disadvantages for riding and maintenance
· Fixing a tire properly – front and back
· Checking and adjusting brakes
· Adding accessories
o Lights - front / rear
o Baskets - front / rear
o Bell
o Child seat
o Reflectors
o Bike stand
· Fixing a slipped chain
· Lubricating and cleaning bicycle parts
· Protecting the bicycle from damage, wear and tear
Instructor: Paul Wong
Part of VV's Winter Cultivating Food, Cultivating Community series at Strathcona Community Centre Feb-March 2014. Next bike workshop - Mar 9 Bike Security Basics.