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Neighourhood History and Zoning: Strathcona

Interested in exploring a historic neighbourhood to understand the influences that have dramatically altered it over a century?
Saturday, April 5, 2014

Learn how heritage and streetscapes change and evolve. Historian and author, John Atkin, worked at City Hall for years and was COV’s informal historian and zoning guru. John will lead a walk that intertwines social history and zoning bylaws, and how they have affected each other over more than a hundred years of change in Strathcona, an RT-3 district. If you know John, you know it will not be boring!

“Strathcona is one of Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhoods. It’s popular, boasts Vancouver’s busiest bike route and has exceptional corner stores that are social hubs. Everyone wants to live here and the real estate is moving. It could be a recipe for disaster but Strathcona’s zoning provides some of the strongest protection for heritage in the city. On this tour, walk the streets of this fabulous neighbourhood and learn about the history and struggle to keep it standing in the face of freeways and urban renewal. See how innovative zoning is at work today.”
John Atkin.

9am-noon $30 - see link for signup/registration