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Vancouver Special Pre-Tour Lecture

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interested in Strathcona’s mix of more recent architecture? Attend the Vancouver Special Pre-Tour Lecture featuring a talk by Architect Joe Wai on what motivated the unique architectural style he designed, coined the “Joe Wai Special.” This residential architectural style unique to Strathcona is the Vancouver Special’s sibling, and resulted after the City of Vancouver’s multi-decade effort to wipe out the “urban blight” of Strathcona. Land expropriation for the construction of a freeway to downtown led to the destruction of many homes in Strathcona in the 1960’s. Wai will talk about the community resistance that defeated the freeway, and the success of community-based efforts to rebuild affordable housing in Strathcona between 1969-1974, the same time Specials were popping up everywhere.
Guido Wimmers, a building technologist and founder of Passive House Canada, will share the stage with Wai with a talk about adapting his Vancouver Special with cutting edge Passive House energy efficiency principles and technologies. Come hear about some of the early roots of “Special” architectural design and its adaptability today.