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EAO meets with SRA

On August 2, 2018, the SRA's Centerm Port Working Group received a letter from the BC Environmental Assessment Office updating us on the EAO review of the Centerm Port permit and offering to meet with us to discuss our concerns.  Read letter.

On Thursday, Sept 6, a group from the SRA and a group from Burrardview Residents Association met with representatives from the EAO, including a/executive project director Michael Shepard. Trevor Smith and Su-Laine Brodsky led a productive conversation about our concerns over the Centerm Port expansion being allowed to move forward with only the port’s internal assessment. Two highlights: serious air quality deficiencies noted in a Metro Vancouver report (link) and the fact that the port’s assessment did not consider at all the impact of reactivating the Burrard Inlet line.

The EAO is expected a release their recommendations in in the near future. Stay tuned.