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Letter from Adriane Carr in support of Strathcona's train noise complaints

May 25, 2018

Dear Madames/Sirs:

RE: Noise complaint by the Strathcona Residents Association re: Burrard Inlet Rail Line

As a Vancouver City Councillor I have been alerted by many residents and the local neighbourhood association to the increased use of the Burrard Inlet Rail Line which is having severe negative impacts on their quality of life. Of particular concern is the noise associated with the shunting of rail cars during the night, which is disrupting many peoples’ sleep.

The Burrard Inlet line runs through the residential neighbourhood of Strathcona in East Vancouver. Homes, ranging from heritage homes over 100 years old to new residential developments, are located adjacent to the line.

The local area plan, completed after a three-year planning process, confirms Strathcona’s importance in accommodating the city’s current as well as future housing needs. The plan includes increasing residential density in this neighbourhood to address Vancouver’s housing crisis. In addition, the city’s zoning aims to preserve the heritage residential architecture. See:

It is important that any noise from train operations along the Burrard Inlet Line is at a level that allows all local residents to thrive.

I ask that you restrict the use of this line at times (i.e., during the night) and in ways (i.e., shunting of railcars to assemble trains) so as to minimize the impact of this line on residents.

Thank you for your consideration.

Adriane Carr

City of Vancouver Councillor

Metro Vancouver Director

M.A. Urban Geography (UBC)