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Meeting Wed Nov 2: Neighbourhood news & Union Street Bike Route safety (city presentation)

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hello friends and neighbours,

Our regular November Residents Association meeting is this coming Wednesday November 2, 7:15pm at the Strathcona Community Centre.

We’ll have the latest news and events around the neighbourhood, including plans for the AGM, report on Community Economic Development Strategy, Prior Street Safety and viaducts removal, as well as updates about renovictions and intimidation of our neighbours at the Georgia Hotel. 
We are also hosting a conversation with the City of Vancouver’s Public Engagement Lead, Lynn Guilbault to talk about the Union-Adanac Corridor. In preparation for public consultation in January, the city would like hear about concerns and ideas for improving conditions for people who live, walk, cycle and drive in the neighbourhood.
Do you live, walk, bike or drive on Union Street? This will be an important opportunity for the community to express thoughts, concerns or needs for the local serving street, pedestrian safety and the commuter bike route.
- Welcome
- Announcements
- Committee Reports
- Motions, motions from the floor
- Conversation about Union Street 
- City presentation about Union Street
- Q+A with City Staff about Union Street
- Closing, announcement of next meeting

Strathcona Residents Association_ Minutes_ Oct 5th 2016

* Three new council members elected: Charis and Matthew Walko, and Alexandra Norris

• Only Sholto and Wilson left on the board, lots of work to do
• Round circle introduction, all attendees
• No agenda but lots going on:
• Prior St calming and traffic re-routing
• New hospital going in behind bus depot
• Port expansion 70% rail car traffic increase, making Clark St. busy
• Building an overpass over Clark St.
• Hastings St. changing rapidly, new businesses and building owners (Chip Wilson, Bob Rennie)
• False Creek flats (not actually Strathcona)
• Vancouver Coastal Health
• New safe injection sites at: Powell and Princess and Cordova and Heatly (triage)
• Are services are being pushed east
• Living Room will become safe injection site
Q: What are the implications of new safe injection sites to residents of Strathcona?
• Keep communication open
• Considerations: being pushed east, where will the drugs come from- increased drug selling in Strathcona
• Need Coastal Health Outreach in the community
• Harm reduction for everyone
• Invite Coastal Health and City of Vancouver to November meeting

City is getting push back with Georgia Viaduct plans, several considerations:
• Fire Hall No. 1 is moving
• Produce Terminal next to Fire Hall are moving
• City is considering cutting road through Strathcona park
• Malkin Street getting push back from Cottonwood Gardeners and Produce Terminals
• National Street is too expensive
Issues: pedestrian safety on Union Street from Bikes, unsafe for dual usage

3 route considerations for viaduct
• Original-Malkin (12 lane)
• Cottonwood gardens grandfathered
• Now considering National and will have to re-direct traffic on Clark
Q: Where would they (traffic) come in through the west? – Curve between Dunlevy and Jackson
Q: SRA-non-response to this question previously. What about Transit on Prior? What did City Hall say?
• Always have different answers
Viaduct Route clarification: 
• Connect onto Malkin, land bridge, produce terminal immediately on L turned into park, skate park under viaduct- new fire hall location
Community concern around transit access on Prior Street.