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New and Updates, Have your say about Local Serving Retail, Announcement of October AGM

Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello friends and neighbours,

Lots of news and updates: Viaducts, Prior Street, coming events, crime alert, as well as announcement of the upcoming AGM October 5.  

Also, an important ask, we invite residents to complete our local serving retail survey goo.gl/OhYMlE— help determine what kind of retail and economic development you would like to see in the community! 

But first, apologies to everyone expecting a September meeting following our usual summer hiatus. Health and personal commitments led to the resignation of a number of council members and difficulty, in organizing a timely September meeting. 

AGM October 5, 2016 

On that note, October 5 is our AGM, and we could use some community minded volunteers to help round out the council. Please consider volunteering with the Residents’ Association, election to the council is open to any resident: renter or homeowner in Strathcona.  

Also at the AGM, we’ll also hear updates from the various subcommittees, latest news around the neighbourhood including potential closures of local Britannia and Seymour Schools, viaducts removal, crime, community economic development, and more — hope to see you there!

More Coming Events 

Saturday, September 24
One Community Festival and Family Fun Fair

The One Community Family Fair is a fun day out for local families with delicious food and entertainment that will conclude a week of workshops and other events for families. With free tasty food, a square dance, a petting zoo, a climbing wall, performances by local artists, and resource tablers the fair creates a kid friendly environment for local families to relax and have fun. The event is great in all weather and stroller/wheelchair accessible.
10am - 3pm, Strathcona Community Centre Grounds,


Residents are reminded to be extra vigilant around the neighbourhood with regard to personal safety and “target hardening”. Recent weeks have reported a number of break-ins and prowlers. A number of neighbours have reported a couple of suspicious men (in their thirties) canvassing door to door in the evening for a non-existent youth program. Strathconans are reminded that in particular property crimes are encouraged by opportunity: don’t leave windows and doors open and unattended, don’t leave valuables unsecured, and don’t leave break-in tools like shovels or ladders unlocked in your yard. Please report suspicious activities to the VPD.

Prior Street and the viaducts

The City of Vancouver has appointed a North East False Creek stewardship group to determine land use around the viaducts removal. While this process doesn’t explicitly involve Strathcona, it will of course impact the community: at our October AGM, the Prior Street Safety Committee will have updates on progress towards safety improvements and the new ideas from the city about how they intend to redirect post-viaducts traffic east of Main Street. 

Community Economic Development 

Work continues on the City of Vancouver’s Community Economic Development Action Committee, and report and recommendations are expected in November. The Committee has engaged local non profits, agencies, businesses and residents to help determine economic opportunities for the DTES. SRA representatives on the committee are Wilson Liang and Pete Fry.  

Local Serving Retail Survey

At our June meeting the SRA voted to support a local retail survey for Strathcona-Kiwassa as part of the CED Action Committee, to be managed by Ray-Cam, with funding through the City’s Great Beginnings program. The city approved the application in August: questions were developed with local resident input, and local teens from Strathcona and Ray-Cam surveyed area businesses and residents door-to-door.  If you haven’t had a chance to complete the local resident survey in person, please do so here goo.gl/OhYMlE.

The survey is pretty quick and kind of fun. In the interest of good data, please do not share this on your social networks or general mailing lists — but feel free to share it with someone you know is a local resident. There will be more opportunities to complete and discuss the surveys in October, through a series of pop-up events around the neighbouhrood in Chinese and in English. 

See you October 5, 7:15om at the Strathcona Community Centre for the AGM.

— the SRA council