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NEW Final (draft) Local Area Plan released - to be voted at Council 2 weeks today

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hello friends and neighbours,

We'll forgoe much commentary to share links to the final draft Plan and Staff report, which have just been released moments ago.

Obviously, at some 320 pages is some serious reading but does represent a 30 year plan and significant changes to the area.

Residents will have an opportunity to discuss the plan at our regularily scheduled SRA meeting March 5.
Expect minutes and agenda in next few days.

This plan will be going before council on March 12.
Find out how to speak at a Council meeting or, email
* we will provide additional details about signing up to speak as soon as they are made availalble.

Note: despite previous direction from the City that the Plan was not to change since the earlier December draft, in a subsquent verbal briefing we were given a list of some thirty changes to reflect techincal edits and clarification. These changes may include more significant items, however, for instance a revised population increase (verbally reported to be from 28,000 - 35,000 although not yet confirmed in the just-released draft).

The completion of the draft DTES Local Area Plan is a major milestone and would not have been possible or as far-reaching if not for the contribution, commitment, and passion of the members, especially those that devoted many hours.
Over the last month, the LAPP Committee and the public attended six public learning sessions in the DTES neighbourhoods to gather input. There have also been a significant number of individual meetings with organizations and groups who requested an opportunity to understand the details of the draft plan. Based on this input, we've updated the draft plan to reflect technical edits and improvements and, to provide clarification where possible.
The updated draft DTES Local Area Plan and Staff Report to Council is anticipated to go to Council on March 12, 2014, subject to confirmation by the City Clerk's office. View the updated DTES Local Area Plan and Staff Report:

The plan and staff report can be downloaded here: