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Prior Street - This is our Chance

Friday, July 11, 2014

For the past two years Strathcona residents have been pressing the City to make Prior Street safer for local use.
We have written letters, held meetings, and protested.

The City has finally agreed to conduct an independent Road Safety Audit of Prior Street this summer. The results of this study could lead to short-term street safety improvements, plus influence neighbourhood road management when the viaducts come down. This is our chance to share our experiences and voice our concerns.

The Strathcona Residents Association Executive Council and Prior Street Committee, along with other community partners, will be collecting your feedback over the next few weeks.

Do you use Prior Street? Do you think the street is safe? What would you change?

Please be encouraged to help submit feedback from children, seniors and non-English speaking residents by filling our the answers for them and noting their ages.

There are three ways to submit your feedback (please before July 20th):

1. Complete the online survey here

2. Answer the following questions and send them back to us at

3. Write us your answers and feedback on paper and hand it in at the Strathcona Community Centre or at Ray-Cam in an envelope marked PRIOR STREET


a. How specifically do you use or avoid Prior Street? At what times, with what means (i.e. walking, cycling, driving) and for what purpose? (i.e. go to work, walk the dog etc)

b. What specific safety issues do you perceive on Prior Street? Where exactly on Prior and at what times of the day? This can include any kind of safety related issues such as traffic, noise and pollution.

c. If you were given the opportunity to take a professional onto Prior Street and show them your concerns about its safety, where exactly would you take them, what would you show them and at what time of day, week or year?

d. Do you have any specific suggestions for improving safety along or around Prior Street?

e. Is there a safety related incident you would like to tell us about? This can be one occurrence you were involved in, witnessed, or a recurring occurrence.

Here are links to work the SRA has already written or created about Prior Street which we will be submitting for the audit.
Feel free to comment on these:

Reconnect Strathcona - A Proposal for Traffic Calming Prior Street

Reclaim Prior Street - the Video - Interviews with residents around Prior Street

Health Concerns about Prior Street by local resident Dr. Mandl:

and much more information at