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Reminder: special 'viaducts update' meeting tomorrow 7:30 pm

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Special SRA meeting - viaducts update

Thursday, July 30th 7:30 pm
Strathcona Community Centre (601 Keefer) 
please RSVP (if you haven’t yet)

The SRA will be convening tomorrow to meet with City staff about their September report to Council on a proposed viaducts removal plan.

The removal of the viaducts poses amazing opportunities for our city but the replacement plans, especially the new road configurations, will have a crucial impact, for better or worse, on the liveability in Strathcona and the surrounding areas.

What good is removing the Viaducts if their legacy of traffic, danger, noise, division, pollution and health impacts will remain on Prior Street, a residential street in Strathcona?

Is the City ready to commit to the rerouting of the highway off Prior-Venables as part of the viaducts removal plan?

Is City staff really available and authorized to work with the community this late in the game?

Come out to hear from the City’s False Creek Flats and Viaducts team who will both be in attendance. 

To allow more time for discussion and emphasis on the future of Prior Street, we have asked City staff to avoid lengthly presentations. Please prepare for the meeting by reviewing the below links to background materials to facilitate this.


Viaducts Website Boards _ 2015-07-27.PDF

More helpful reading material is at:

Attending City staff have promised “a shorter presentation, with more specific information on progress in studying alternative East/West arterial options, including planned recommendations relative to prior Street to be included in the Council report..,. and to leave more time for discussion”.

Regards to all,

SRA Executive Council and Prior Street Committee