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SRA April Newsletter

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Our April SRA meeting will held on the second Wednesday, April 10, so that we can react to the Community Panel’s decision about the Arterial – which is happening on Saturday April 6.  Still 7-9 PM, still at the Strathcona Community Centre. We’ll send out an update on Sunday, April 7, with the results of the vote. Here’s hoping for NatCha.

On other fronts, in the last month, activism in Strathcona has yielded some positive results…

Residents reach agreement with CN

In March, a group of Strathcona residents reached a mediated agreement with CN Rail regarding noise and vibration from trains. Since then, nighttime shunting noise has been reduced quite significantly. This change signals that CN is willing to work with residents to try to coexist with the neighbourhood. If you are still having trouble sleeping because of trains, please let us know.

A huge thank you to Su-Laine and other members of the Train Working Group. Getting CN to acknowledge - and then actually do something about its impact on our community is a huge accomplishment.

COV agrees to rethink its removal of lampposts on Union

On March 7, a host of city staff met with neighbours concerned about the removal of heritage lampposts on Union. Below is an excerpt from an e-mail received after the meeting from Cheryl Nelms, Deputy General Manager of City Engineering:

As part of the Union-Adanac Corridor upgrades lighting was replaced along Union Street, including lights on the 800 block, which were partly funded by residents of the block as part of a local improvement project. We truly apologize for the oversight that led to these changes without appropriate outreach and consultation with the residents of the neighbourhood

Firstly, a sincere thank you to everyone who was able to take the time to speak with City Staff and provide their comments and feedback - whether in person, by phone and/or by email.

Staff are working hard to prepare a number of potential options and identify and evaluate tradeoffs between these alternatives. Your comments will help us to ensure we include and evaluate options that are most important to you and your neighbours, as well as meeting standards for safe and effective street lighting.

We will be reaching out shortly with information on how you can continue to be involved.

We await the City’s proposal. Our thanks to Claudio Ance for taking the lead on this issue and to everyone who got involved. And thanks to Cheryl and other city staff who took time after work to come and listen.

Heatley/Keefer “Overpass”

Over a year ago, Ross Kenny came to talk about bump outs along about the Union Street Bikeway and we asked if the City could simplify the way bikes crossed the calmed intersection at Keefer and Heatley. The problem was bikes had to use the sidewalk and pedestrians had to jump out of their way. Last week, the City delivered and now we have a far safer bike crossing. Thanks to Devon Brownlee for keeping this request alive.