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Thursday, March 22, 2018
As we all know, railroad traffic on the Burrard Inlet Line that cuts through Strathcona has increased dramatically since Jan. 2017. When the Centerm Port expands, the plan is for it to increase even more. This has been done with zero public consultation.

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has the power to take action to modify railroad operations if it finds they are causing "noise and/or vibration which constitutes substantial interference with the ordinary comfort or convenience of living, according to the standards of the average person.” Things like loss of sleep, especially for children, anxiety, safety concerns, etc. 

A group of residents who live along the line, in conjunction with the SRA, are drafting a formal complaint to the CTA (current version attached). We are not trying to stop the railroad, just asking it to be a considerate neighbour. 

The complaint will have a much better chance of prevailing if we can attach numerous letters from residents detailing how the increased train traffic is “substantially interfering” with their daily lives. If this is you, we urge you to write down your experience and mail it to

 Read the full PDF: SRA-draft-March-18-Compressed.pdf