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Union St closure: MULTI-COMMUNITY RALLY Tuesday, July 23rd 8-9 am

Hi all,

A disastrous meeting tonight with head of transportation, Jerry Dobrovolny, and staff.
Despite dozens of residents telling them repeatedly to stop work on Union Street to take time to consult with the local community, they continued to defend their action and plan. [construction to close parts of Union Street are set to begin this week]

If you too are fed-up with hearing about City Hall's hasty plans for our neighbourhoods and finding out it is 'too late' to have a say.

Come make some noise!

City Hall is Hard of Hearing MULTI-COMMUNITY RALLY Tuesday, July 23rd 8-9 am

We are tired of not being heard.
We won't accept bad, rushed planning in our City.
We live here. We work here. We want a say.

Where: Green space at the 200 block of Union
Set up: 7-7:30 am (organizers will be there with limited pre-made signs)
When: Tuesday, July 23rd 8-9 am
Who: All ages who want a say: residents, business owners and workers of Chinatown, Strathcona, False Creek and Downtown East Side
What: Bring a whistle, drum, harmonica, horn or even pots and pans!
We will put all our energy together and try to get City Hall and City working crews to stop and listen!
Slogans: Make your own sign with your slogan or choose one of these:

We live here.
We work here.
We want a say.

City Council is hard of hearing

No excuses for bad planning

Hasty Hall - Slow Down!

Where is TRUE community consultation?

Losing faith. Show us you're listening.

Neighbourhoods unite to make noise!

Greenest City? Gruesome Planning!

We won't be ignored!

Consult before you dig!

Respect Residents - listen to your voters!

What's you rush? Afraid you won't be re-elected?

Please forward/post this invitation to your contacts and neighbours. We are stronger and louder together!

— Elana Zysblat, SRA Council