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Strathcona 2010
A Clear Vision for our Community

1. Define Strathcona

  • Agree on the geographical boundaries of Strathcona
  • Dedicate a senior planner to coordinate development for Strathcona
  • Initiate a comprehensive, long-term planning process for Strathcona
  • Review zoning in order to support all other objectives in this document
  • 2. Build on History

    Strathcona has a history as a dense, compact and diverse neighbourhood— one in which generations can live and work, shop and play. The following strategies will help us build on that history.

  • Update and respect Vancouver’s Heritage Registry
  • Preserve industrial land uses
  • No displacement of existing residents
  • Retain RT-3 zoning
  • 3. Regain A Healthy Balance

    Implement these steps to dilute the over-large proportion of community people who are addicted, in recovery from addiction, or mentally ill:

  • Build more market housing
  • Revitalize East Hastings, our shopping street
  • Increase amenities for the community
  • Maintain total volume of social services at current levels only
  • Reinforce the presence of our creative arts community
  • Embrace elements of green living such as renewable energy, farmers markets, and community gardens
  • 4. Densify Appropriately and Sustainably

    We believe that the key to a healthier and more productive community is in densifying carefully and appropriately in order to regain a healthy balance among all people resident in Strathcona.

  • Nurture existing non-market housing developments
  • Some height on arterial streets, but no towers anywhere
  • Retain existing buildings where possible
  • Build to the highest LEED standards where suitable