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Strathcona 2010
A Clear Vision for our Community

The Strathcona Revitalization Committee

The Strathcona Revitalization Committee was founded in 2004 as a coalition of voluntary citizen organizations of residents and business in the Strathcona area. Our purpose is to promote and enhance the economic, social, and cultural wellbeing of the Strathcona community. The primary focus of the SRC is to make Strathcona a safe and healthy place for everyone who lives and works in our community: families, seniors, children, immigrants, and the small business owners and their employees. We believe that collaboration with municipal and other levels of government and other agencies is necessary to revitalize and animate our community and its very special heritage.

SRC Member Organizations

strathcona property owners and tenants association (spota)

Chair: Sang Lee
Established in 1965, SPOTA is an affiliation of Chinese-speaking residents. SPOTA enabled Strathcona to survive as a residential neighbourhood in Vancouver’s urban core, established the principle of citizen decisionmaking in land-use planning, and from 1974 to 1983 built the first post-war infill housing in Vancouver.

strathcona community centre association (scca)

President: Andrew Mak
Established in 1972 in collaboration with the Vancouver School Board and the Vancouver Public Library. The SCCA initiated Strathcona’s Linear Park, the community gardens and adventure playground. In 2008, SCCA programs serve 1000 children, 400 youth, 700 seniors, and 500 families.

raycam cooperative centre association

President: Steve Bouchard
Established in 1979 in collaboration with the Province of British Columbia and the City of Vancouver. RayCam provides recreation, education, and cultural and social services to hundreds of families and seniors in the Kiwassa and Strathcona neighbourhoods.

strathcona residents association (sra)

Co-Chairs: John Atkin and Rick Archambault
Established in 1992 to implement the planning initiatives of the Strathcona Community Plan and such heritage strategies as the Strathcona Porch Project, the SRA is an affiliation of English-speaking residents, including homeowners and tenants.

strathcona business improvement association (strathcona bia)

Chair: Wayne Kennedy
Established in 2001 with the City of Vancouver, the Strathcona BIA has 850 business and property owners, over 8000 employees, and more than 200 heritage-designated properties in the Strathcona district. Its special focus is economic revitalization and sustainability.

Copy Editing: Rick Archambault, Patricia Canning
Photographs: John Atkin, Judy Kenzie, John Wertschek,
City of Vancouver Archives

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