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SRA news, 12 April 2010


 Hi, Strathcona friends and neighbours.


In the last newsletter, I accidentally sent a piece of news which I should not have. My apologies to all concerned.


"Cultural transfer...coast to coast connections" will be presented in Mira Maletestinic's home and she doesn't have room for all of us. I should not have sent that message in the SRA newsletter.


However, Mira also presents a monthly outdoor event called a "MIRA," which she would like us all to know about.



From Mira Maletestinic: It is my preference to focus on the public art aspect of the MIRA'S and that the community walk by sharing the art during the day from the street. MIRA'S are as follows:

1. MIRA’S  take place on the 15th of every month.  Public art will be shown in the form of projection work.  This art is to be viewed by an audience in the street.  The Art will be shown every hour on the hour starting @ noon.   
2. A few times a year from 7- 9 the door /doors will open and a Salon begins. Friends are welcome to celebrate the work and discuss art .  The viewing takes place @ 8 pm.  Everyone is welcome to bring projection work to share as well as discuss art they’ve seen in the last month and/or what is coming up in the next month. 
3. MIRA's ultimate goal is  to invite the world to do projections on the 15th of every month. 



By the way, neighbours, you've probably noticed this message doesn't come from I am using this opportunity to test my understanding of the new SRA website's newsletter distribution function. If I can master the steps, all future SRA newsletters will come from