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Reclaim Prior! Tomorrow, Meeting April 3

Hello, Strathcona friends and neighbours.
Hope everyone is enjoying this fantastic long weekend: Spring, sunshine, and the cherry-blossomed streets of Strathcona, it really doesn't get much better than this!

Tomorrow, Monday April 1st will be our second Reclaim Prior! rally - 9am at the corner of Hawks and Prior. Please join us for this one hour April Fool's themed protest, we'll have snacks and beverages, live music and enthusiastic neighbours to let the city know they can't "play us for fools" : we need traffic calming of Prior and a traffic strategy for east of Main Street as part of the viaducts removal. Grab a silly hat, costume or feather boa and join us for a fun, family-friendly rally to calm the highway that runs through our neighbourhood! We need as many neighbours and friends to come out and send a loud and clear message to the City. Further details of the rally can be found in the announcement below.*

Folks, it is important that we keep up the pressure on this campaign. The viaducts are more than likely coming down and at this point, there are no guarantees of any traffic reduction on Prior — rather there is the very real possibilty that we may see an increase. These past few months have seen a number of serious accidents on the street, including at least one fatality and a car running into a house. Many in this community are seriously affected by Prior Street, all of us are indirectly affected. Some of you will know that I'm personally motivated having lost a close friend when he was struck at high speed while crossing Prior. We have a real opportunity to fix this dangerous street - let's do it!

Our wednesday SRA meeting will be regular SRA business as well as a round-up of the rally and our recent dialogues with City staff. This newsletter doesn't include last meeting's minutes, you can read the minutes and details of our March 6 meeting here.

Hope to see you tomorrow at Hawks and Prior, Monday April 1 at 9am!

- Pete Fry, SRA Chair

In this newsletter:
• Community Announcements
• Strathcona Resident's Association - Meeting Agenda for Wednesday April 3

Community Announcements

Reclaim Prior! 9 am April 1st, Hawks and Prior

Join residents, park-goers, gardeners and neighbours from False Creek, DTES, and Grandview Woodland to demand traffic calming on Prior as part of the viaducts removal scheme.

We will have coffee and drinks, snacks, balloons and party favours as well as pre-made signs: all you have to do is show up! Plus, East Van's own The Carnival Band will be joining us with musical accompaniment. We're playing on the April Fool's theme, so grab a silly hat, costume or feather boa and join us for a fun, family-friendly rally to calm the highway that runs through our neighbourhood!

If you would like to help, please consider bringing nut-free baked goods and snacks, or if you have any fun costume-like items, or hand-made signs - please bring 'em. But above all please bring your kids, friends, neighbours to Recalim Prior!

Strathcona representatives, including chair Pete Fry, council member Elana Zysblat and zoning chair Graham Elvidge have recently met with the City's newly appointed senior planner Brian Jackson. Jackson has expressed an earnest desire to work with all the stakeholders (from Strathcona to False creek to Cottonwood Gardens to Grandview Woodland) and move forward on an Eastern Core Strategy that will bring traffic calming to Prior. Out of respect for this overture and in the spirit of goodwill we've agreed to scale back some of our more politically pointed messaging: so we won't be supplying pre-printed signs like "LIAR, LIAR, GREGOR ON PRIOR". But, of course, you are welcome (and encouraged) to produce your own sign with whatever slogan you wish!


Neighbourhood Small Grants deadline March 31

Reminder that the Neighbourhood Small Grants application deadline is (tonight) Sunday March 31. If you have a great idea for a neighbourhood event, activity or improvement - you can get a grant for $500 to make it happen! This year sees two streams; regular grants and green grants! Apply online :
Neighbourhood Small Grants
Greenest City Small Grants

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Strathcona Resident's Association - Meeting Agenda for Wednesday April 3

Wednesday April 3, 7:15pm at the Strathcona Community Centre

Welcome from council

Approval of March SRA minutes (link)

Committee Reports

LAPP Updates

Other Announcements

VOTE: Council Motion to support Great Beginnings Clean Streets team:
"That the Strathcona Residents' Association recognizes and values the significant and valuable work that Great Beginnings Clean Streets team does here in Strathcona and DTES, particularly with regards to dangerous trash on the streets adjacent to Strathcona Elementary. We also appreciate that this program serves an important function in providing meaningful opportunities for people who might otherwise face employment barriers, allowing them to work and contribute to the community. We feel Great Beginnings Clean Streets team is an important community program and urge the City of Vancouver's continued funding."

Items/Announcements from the floor

Special Discussion: Viducts Removal and Prior Street.

We will go over the rally, results, recent developments, and next steps.

Closing Remarks, items for next month's agenda