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Agenda for June 1 meeting, May minutes and St Paul's Social Impact assessment

Thursday, May 26, 2016

REMINDER: Residents are invited to attend the St Paul’s hospital site
Social Impact Assessment next Wednesday or fill out the online survey

Fill out the online survey or attend an in-person workshop
Wednesday, June 8, 2016 7-9pm at the Strathcona Community Centre

  • Do you live or work near the proposed site of the new St. Paul’s hospital site?
  • Will your life be affected by the new St. Paul’s hospital and health campus?
  • Do you want the City of Vancouver and Providence Health Care to know what is important to you and how you will be impacted by this major development?

Download a copy of the poster invite here

If you would like to attend and have your voice heard about the future of your community, please RSVP to or call 604-283-3940

If you cannot attend in-person, you can fill out the online survey


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Strathcona Residents’ Association (SRA) Council Meeting

Agenda for June 1st, 2016.

Strathcona Community Centre



Potluck, 6:30, June 1. Everyone is encouraged to attend!


7:15             Meeting called to order (Wilson)

Introduction of attendees


7:20            Committee Updates:


Social Committee Update (Ricky Chen)


Film Committee Update (Caroline Newfield)


Ray Cam Update (Guy Wakeman)


Community Economic Development Committee Update: (Pete Fry)


Prior Street Committee (Dick Hellofs)


Vancouver Port expansion Discussion 



7:45            105 Keefer Development

Guest speaker Doris Chow will share with attendees the concerns of Chinatown residents regarding the development. Questions and discuss to follow.


8:05            SRA and MVA

Guest speakers Deborah Littman and Pat McSherry will describe the role of the Metro Vancouver Alliance. The SRA passed a motion on May 4th to join the MVA. Questions and discuss to follow.


8:25            SRA Major developments Committee (Sholto Scruton)

SRA is looking for 4-6 or more volunteers, including 1 SRA committee member to join the SRA’s newest committee. The commitee will meet over the summer and collect concerns regarding 5 major developments affecting Strathcona residents and the other residential communities also effected by these developments and organize a meeting to address these concerns with the developers.

The developments in questions include:

1-theVancouver Port expansion and effected transportation routes

2-the new St. Paul’s hospital,

3-the developments in Chinatown,

4-the False Creek Flats

5-the new park and arterial route replacing the viaducts the changes to Prior street. 

The goal of this committee is to meet with the developers of these projects and make specific requests of them to ensure the safety and prosperity of the Vancouver residents directly affected by these major Developments.


9:00            Meeting adjourned


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Strathcona Residents’ Association (SRA) Council Meeting

Minutes for May 4th, 2016.


Potluck, 6:30, May 4. Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Strathcona Community Centre


7:15             Meeting called to order (Guy Wakeman)

Introduction of attendees



7:20            Committee Updates


Social Committee Update: (Ricky Chen)

The Social committee has applied for and received a neighborhood grant to fund a social gathering and serve food prior to SRA meetings, he first Wednesday of each month at 6:30. The Social committee hopes to boost SRA meeting attendance with this initiative.


Film Committee Update: (Caroline Newfield)

The filmmakers of “When we Rise” are planning a Community Thank you party for Strathcona residence on June 25, 2016 at Maclean Park. (The venue may change.)

A block party is planned for the same day at Oppenheimer park from 1:00 – 5:00 pm.

A motion will be tabled next meeting to allocate 50% of funds donated to the SRA by companies film in our community to the Strathcona Community Centre Backpack program which they describe as” provides nutritious snacks and meals to fill the hunger gap of the weekend when children are not supported by the school food programs. ”Residents are asked to email questions or concerns regarding filming in Strathcona to:


Ray Cam Update (Guy Wakeman)

At issue is the Hastings and Campbell brewery’s close proximity to the community centre across the street. Safety bible introduced at meeting with Tim Knight. A Good Neighbour agreements draft was presented and Mr. Knight seems willing to work with the community. He says business will be family-friendly with a pizza oven, but the committee is concerned with location more than business itself. A liquor license has been issued. Knight says that neigbours will be able to share their concerns, since the city didn’t inform the community beforehand. The Heatley bar is applying for an extension to the existing liquor license from 11 pm to 2 am. The Committee will call and/or write to the city, specifically licensing department, about SRA concerns.

Another Reconciliation in Action event will take place at Ray Cam community centre June 17th, 2016 from 2:00 – 6:00pm


Community Economic Development Committee Update: (Pete Fry)

Using the funds from a Great Beginnings grant The Carnagee Centre will likely hire a researcher to determine what the wide variety of local residents what type of business or services they would like so be developed in their neighborhood. Meeting attendees suggested community daycare, funding for seniors and that the survey have local representation. Marion Pollack and Ricky Chen would like to be involved in the CED.


Prior Street Committee (Pete Fry)

The committee discussed safety issues on Prior street and has received small grant oriented toward children from Strathcona and Raycam. Highlights included the danger of crossing Prior to get to Strathcona Park, and suggest reducing speed to park zone speed of 30/km per hour. Dick commented about data collected using radar gun.

Ray-Cam Update (Guy Wakeman)


8:20            Vancouver Port expansion Discussion

An independent committee has formed to deal with local concerns regarding the expansion call the Central Waterfront Coalition. Sholto Scruton suggested that Crab park be expanded to the west in order to retain the view from the park. Pete Fry suggested contacting the port directly regarding this initiative. Sholto suggested extending Crab Park west to accommodate view obstruction from port expansion. Pete suggested that SRA contact port directly.

Port meeting, May 9, 2016 7 pm Japanese Hall

Central Waterfront Coalition to attend. 

420 hawks

A public hearing will be held on May 19th for zoning change from industrial to residential land use of the site to allow for a 7 storey tower for low income women with children to be built on the site.

Motion for discussion 1:  

SRA should join the Metro Vancouver Alliance (MVA)

Proposed – Guy Wakeman

Second – Sholto Scruton




8:40            Motion for discussion 2

SRA is considering hosting a meeting to address the concerns of the neighbouring communities directly affected by the 5 major local developments in this part of our city. Prior to the meeting we will invite neighbouring local community groups to share their concerns on these projects. At this meeting SRA will invite representatives from each to address our collective concerns regarding these projects. The developments in questions include the Vancouver port expansion, the new St. Paul’s hospital, the developments on East Hastings Street, The False Creek Flats, and the Viaduct removal and prior street plans. 

Marion Pollack suggested the meeting be divided into 2 stages: First meeting of citizens from the affected communities and the groups that represent them to collect our joint concerns. Followed by a second meeting to address these concerns with the representatives from each development. Wilson Liang suggested that invitations to the meeting and the meetings them selves be translated into Cantonese. The SRA will begin assembling a list of groups that are know to represent the interest of citizens effected by the developments.


Proposed- Guy Wakeman

Second – Wilson Liang




9:00            Meeting adjourned