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Strathcona Residents' Association resolves to support the Venables Prior Greenway Project

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be it resolved that The SRA supports the Venables Prior Greenway Project (VPGP) as described below: The Venables Prior Greenway Project (VPGP) proposes to traffic calm and beautify Venables/Prior Street from Gore Avenue to Commercial Drive, with the ultimate goal of returning these streets to their former status as neighbourhood streets. The aim of the VPGP is to proceed incrementally: 1. to reduce traffic lanes from four to two by reinstating 24-hour parking; 2. to introduce further traffic calming measures such as corner-curb bulges and bus bulges; 3. to address safety issues and wheelchair accessibility and; 4. to provide additional trees, plantings, public art, and historical markers. The purpose of this project is to enhance the livability of the historically linked neighbourhoods of Grandview-Woodlands and Strathcona by favouring pedestrian, bicycle, and transit over automobile traffic, and provide improved opportunities for commerce along Venables. Some of the many City of Vancouver precedents for this type of greening, traffic calming, and street improvement include Carrall Street Greenway, Victoria Drive traffic calming, Blenheim Street re-designation to Local Area Feeder, and Crown Street Sustainable Streetscape.

Moved: Graham Elvidge, Seconded: James Johnstone