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Support for Social Housing Coalition BC call for 10,000 new units/year province-wide

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Be it resolved that the SRA supports the demands of the Social Housing Coalition BC for 10,000 new units of housing to be built every year in BC" *

For purpose of clarity, this resolution for 10,000 new units per year is province-wide (not Strathcona).
Social Housing Coalition BC define social housing as:
- Non-institutional housing that is owned by government, a non-profit group or a co-op;
- Not run for profit;
- Available to people with very low incomes who pay either 30% of their income or the welfare shelter amount for rent;
- Available to ALL who need it. No one will be excluded from a social housing unit because their income is too low. If a social housing resident increases their income, they don’t have to move, but their rent will go up as they pay 30% of their income for rent.

Moved by Pete Fry, carried unanimously with two abstentions