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Strathcona's 2010 Vision Statement

The following document was prepared in June of 2008 by the Strathcona Revitalization Committee. Readable below, the original PDF document can be downloaded here

Strathcona 2010 A Clear Vision for our Community    3.2MB PDF

Strathcona 2010
A Clear Vision for our Community

The Strathcona Revitalization Committee was founded in 2004 as a coalition of voluntary citizen organizations of residents and business in the Strathcona area. Member Organizations include: Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants Association (affiliation of Chinese-speaking residents); The Strathcona Community Centre Association; The RayCam Cooperative Centre Association; The Strathcona Business Improvement Association and The Strathcona Residents' Association. This report identifies Strathcona consistent with the boundaries of the Community Centre and School catchment areas and the city-defined Business Improvement Area.

A vision for Strathcona—of itself and its future—was articulated in the Strathcona Community Plan, approved by the City of Vancouver in June, 1992. Sixteen years later, we want to remain true to the principles of our plan while revitalizing it to face the challenges of a changing and rapidly growing metropolitan Vancouver.

Our updated vision statement, Strathcona 2010: A Clear Vision for our Neighbourhood, emerged through discussion and many meetings by the member organizations of the Strathcona Revitalization Committee (see Appendix for history of member groups). Numerous drafts unfolded before the final version was approved by each organization through consensus.

So many people were involved in those discussions that we can’t name them all, but each person deserves our thanks for their caring and for their dedication to the life and well being of the Strathcona community. Special thanks for the production of the Strathcona 2010 document go to Jen Eby for design and layout, and to Patricia Canning and John Wertschek for preparing the document.

We hope that the principles articulated in Strathcona 2010: A Clear Vision for our
Neighbourhood will guide and direct the regeneration of the area as our city continues to
evolve. We are proud to be residents of Strathcona, Vancouver’s first neighbourhood.

Rick Archambault, Chair
Strathcona Revitalization Committee
Vancouver, June 2008
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