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Annual General Meeting - First Wednesday in October

The Annual General Meeting of the Strathcona Residents' Association takes place on the first Wednesday of October at the regular meeting time and regular meeting place in the Strathcona Community Centre.

In 1999, the SRA, chaired by Nicole Liddell, went through a process of formalizing some of its procedures. A set of proposals was voted on and passed, including these essential items:

  • Voting rights are conferred on members who have attended three regular meetings within the previous twelve months.  
  • A quorum shall consist of 9 members who are eligible to vote.
  • The majority of votes cast will determine the outcome of a motion, majority is defined as 50% plus one, and abstentions are not considered votes cast.
  • Members and volunteers agree to support and uphold the guiding principles of the community plan for the Strathcona neighbourhood.

This last item distinguishes the SRA from other neighbourhood organizations whose membership is open to all residents.  Any resident is welcome to come to meetings and voice opinions, but membership implies support for the Community Plan's basic principles: heritage preservation, traffic controls, and policies that sustain our economic and ethnic diversity.