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A Better Way for the Proposed Arterial

For years the City has been debating where to locate an arterial road and railroad overpass that will connect Clark and Main. Unable to arrive at a politically acceptable answer, City Council turned the question over to a Community Panel now scheduled to convene in early 2019.

What impact will this decision have on Strathcona Park? On Prior St.? On the Community Gardens? On Produce Row? On you? For the last year, Strathcona resident (and retired civil engineer) Richard Taplin has been researching the implications and impacts of the three proposed routes. The Strathcona Residents’ Association recently put out a report that details his findings and recommends a route the City hasn’t fully considered - one that calms Prior and saves the Park, both Gardens and Produce Row. To read the full report, click here. For the one-page version, click here. To sign the petition to support the National-Charles option, click here.