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Books to Read

With its rich and colourful history,
a number of books have been written about
or touch on East End history...

At Home with History: The Untold Stories of
Greater Vancouver’s Heritage Houses
by Eve Lazarus

Chinatown: An Illustrated History of the Chinese
Communities of Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, etc.
by Paul Yee

The Jade Peony, All That Matters, & Paper Shadows,
novels and memoires by Wayson Choy

On The Shady Side: Vancouver 1886 – 1914
by Betty Keller

Opening Doors: Vancouver’s East End
a collection of aural histories
edited by Daphne Marlatt and Carole Itter

Salt Water City: An Illustrated History
of the Chinese in Vancouver by Paul Yee

Strathcona, Vancouver’s First Neighbourhood
by John Atkin

Vancouver: A Visual History
by Bruce Macdonald

Vancouver: Milltown To Metropolis
by Alan Morely

Vancouver: Stories Of A City
by Lisa Smedman

Vancouver: The Way It Was
by Michael Kluckner

Vancouver’s Chinatown:
Racial Discourse in Canada, 1875-1980
by Kay J. Anderson

Vancouver’s Shoeshine Boys
by Raymond Culos

Vancouver’s Society of Italians ( Volumes I, II & III )
by Raymond Culos

Working Lives: Vancouver 1886-1986
compiled by The Working Lives Collective

At the World’s Edge
- Curt Lang’s Vancouver: 1937–1998
by Claudia Cornwall