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Sacred Heart: Sacred Spirit Centre, open house

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sacred Heart Parish are repurposing and renovating the old St Francis Xavier middle-school at Pender off Campbell.
The open house will solicit ideas from the community about what can be done!

10,000 sq ft parish school built in 1940
6 classrooms and a ground floor auditorium/hall
- Sacred Heart Parish consists of formal worship area only and their faith communites are in need of some accessory space
- DTES parishes also want to ensure that Sacred Spirit Centre space can be used to enrich life for neighbours
- from what they have been hearing from neighbourhood some ideas include:
-- family support networking, drop in reading
-- community kitchen, social cirlces, hearlth drop-in
-- intergenerational activities / conversaational English
-- weekly breakfasts connecting local womine
-- vocational training opportunities with Trade Union mentors
-- First Nations art
-- support group meetings
-- spiritual enhancement programs
-- pastoral family guidance
-- classes in music, dance, drama, visual arts
-- meeting spaces for groups of 15-20