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Strathcona Community Centre Dialogue; Prior Street and Viaducts Removal

Hello Strathcona Friends and Neighbours,
This is a special announcement with two important upcoming events to share with you.
Our regular newsletter, with upcoming SRA meeting agenda and community events will be forthcoming.

Strathcona Community Centre Changes and Dialogue

Wednesday February 27
Strathcona Community Centre Public Dialogue:

Come learn how our community centre is changing and offer your input as we find a way to meet our needs and preserve our unique character and contributions.

Join Board members of the Strathcona Community Centre Association & Manager of Vancouver Park Board for an information/ idea sharing session. Snacks will be served and child minding is available onsite.

6:30 - 9:00pm, Strathcona Community Centre, snacks and child-minding available
(link to poster)

SRA Meeting, Viaducts Removal Discussion and Action Plan

Following last month's City Staff presentation for the Viaducts removal that saw virtually no changes to the previous plan, the SRA council has been working on an appropriate response, including discussions with the City and reaching out with neighbouring communities

Residents will recall that the Viaducts Removal plan offered no tangible traffic reduction on Prior Street, but rather, proposed Prior as the major east-west connector in and out of downtown, fed by a new expanded six-lane Pacific Boulevard funneling directly into Prior Street (for more background on the plan, please see our website Within 48 hours of staff's presentation, Prior / Venables saw three separate and serious accidents including a pedestrian struck, a car plow into the side of a house, and a street racing fatality.

The SRA Council has taken our established positions on the Viaducts and engaged other neighbouring stakeholders to prepare a list of conditions upon which our approval of any Viaducts removal plan would hinge.Our March SRA meeting will discuss what (if any) response we have received from the City, and what (if any) community repsonse we will take, before City Council votes to remove the viaducts in March or April.

Full meeting agenda will be available next week

Wednesday March 6
7:15pm, Strathcona Community Centre


Strathcona Community Centre Public Dialogue Feb 27, 2013