Cordova Rail Crossing Closure

Aug 2020

Residents of the Strathcona Village building complex on 1000-block E. Hastings Street have been attempting to get the attention of city and CN officials to address the noise-related health effects of the very loud rail crossing signals at Cordova St. and Raymur Street.  Due to the interaction between the new “smart” signals and idling CN trains at this location, the signal goes off many times per hour at different times of the day and night, often when there was no train. At the request of the Strata Council of Strathcona Village, Trefor Smith, our environmental lead, was able to arrange a meeting with CoV engineering and CN and advocate for a win-win solution. By law, the signals must be in place at both intersections as long as the roads are open to traffic.  As the roads are scheduled to be closed as part of the Port Expansion and CN Rail Twinning by early- to mid-2022, the SRA requested the closure sequence to be accelerated to address the noise problem. The closure would maintain a one-way road along Raymur Street to allow truck and car traffic to exit the lane behind Strathcona Village which is used by local businesses.  The City is proposing to consult with local businesses regarding “pilot” road closure at Cordova and Raymur crossings along BI Line. It could start as early as this fall.