Burrard Inlet Line Connectivity Study

Dec 2020

The SRA was recently awarded a grant from CN Rail’s BC Community Board to undertake a connectivity study to better understand how residents are currently crossing the Burrard Inlet rail corridor. The study will look at the “current conditions” of community connectivity, how this may be influenced by additional grade-separation within the next few years, and what options can be considered for enhancing community connectivity in the future.

The study will also consider whether additional forms of connectivity infrastructure for pedestrians and bikes at locations where grade-separation is anticipated (Parker, Union, Raymur and Cordova) could support greater safety by:

  1. allowing for a full closure of these areas while minimizing impacts on, or enhancing residential connectivity, and
  2. helping to create viable, community-friendly alternatives to unauthorized “de facto” at-grade pedestrian crossings created along certain sections of the BI Line.