Happy Militant Mothers’ Day

Free public outdoor event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Militant Mothers of Raymur. The celebration will be held at the Strathcona site where back in 1971 kids had to cross busy railway tracks to get to and from Admiral Seymour elementary school. The group of two dozen mostly single moms and their kids living in Raymur Housing (now Stamps Place) took on the city, the port, the railways and the courts – and they won! After the Militant Moms blockaded trains running beside Raymur Avenue, the City agreed to build the safe pedestrian overpass that is still in use today! To honour the Mothers, we’ll have presentations, live music, kids’ art making, and lots of storytelling. The City has proclaimed saturday, May 7 to be Militant Mothers of Raymur Day.


11:00 am

600 Raymur Avenue