Songtree – Sudanda – Floozy & the Dude

3 different sets of music:
2 pm: Songtree, a Vancouver duo, are Barbara Jackson and Earle Peach performing a varied set of original tunes.
3.05: Sudanda – Sudanese/Canadian music featuring Sudanese songwriter Alaaeldin Abdalla. Sudanda was formed in 2004 around the music of Alaaeldin Abdalla, a composer, singer and oud player. He is originally from the Sudan and now living in Vancouver. Alaaeldin’s music draws on traditional Sudanese forms, and he composes music for contemporary Sudanese poets. More info:
4.10: Floozy & the Dude – Floozy and the Dude (Betty Berda and Ian Miller), play their own brand of alt-country/folk/blues, including original songs, and lesser-known covers.
They’ve been partners and musical collaborators for the last decade, and have recently released their first album, Angels on Vacation.
Please visit or YouTube to hear some of their music.
Or check out their website:


2:00 pm

MacLean Park