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Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC Gala Dinner

Saturday, April 8, 2017
SPOTA, 1971 820 Jackson

The 2017 Gala Dinner will take place at Floata Restaurant and will be honouring the grassroots organization that helped save our neighbourhood!

SPOTA was formed in 1968 by area residents to stop Vancouver City Hall's final phase of urban renewal bulldozing of their community and replacing it with large public housing complexes and a freeway thoroughfare. The organization was successful in negotiating a tri-level government agreement for a comprehensive neighbourhood improvement program, the Strathcona Rehabilitation Project (1971-74), the first of its kind in Canada. In 1973, the Canadian federal government introduced national neighbourhood improvement program based on the Strathcona experience. For SPOTA, neighbourhood rehabilitation also included providing affordable family housing to restore the community fabric. Between 1974 and 1980, the community organization built over 170 units of affordable, co-operative and seniors housing to restore a stronger residential base.

The evening will include great food, raffle prizes, and a video feature