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Filming in Strathcona

Are you a location manager, or planning to film in Strathcona?

Please read our policy regarding filming in Strathcona and community contributions.
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April, 2016-04-04

To Production Companies filming in Strathcona:

Our neighbourhood is Vancouver’s oldest residential neighbourhood and offers a unique urban landscape coveted by many location scouts. We are one of the most socio-economically diverse communities in the City, with a large percentage of residents living under the poverty line.

The Strathcona Residents Association is asking all Film Production Companies to contribute directly to the Community they are filming in, by making a donation to help fund local programs that enhance the quality of life for residents in Strathcona:

1. The Strathcona Community Centre Food Security Program, which provides a hot breakfast for neighbourhood kids and a weekend healthy snack program for local families;

2. The Strathcona Residents Association, which advocates for improved traffic and safety in the area, works on local zoning issues, and organizes neighbourhood events.

On behalf of the Strathcona neighbourhood, your contribution to our Community is very much appreciated.

Caroline Neufeld and Susan Adams, Film Liaisons
Strathcona Residents Association


Contact Info:

Please make your cheque payable to Strathcona Community Centre, 601 Keefer Street, Vancouver BC, V6A 3V8